Okay so you have gone through the self audit and you realize okay maybe my email marketing could use just a little pick me. I get it, it’s just one more damn thing for you to worry about. But what if your business and brand could give the same epic message that the rest of you is selling without you having to put in the work?

Enter the magical fairy in your back pocket.

Me. I’m the the magical fairy.

Because Working with me is like having a magical fairy in your back pocket, but without the epic amounts of glitter.

Moving forward you want your email marketing to match the same level of magical awesomeness that your social media does.

You want to have the same if not better connections to people- YOUR people!

You want to have YOUR voice and not some ROBOT voice just spouting off this month’s faboulous deals! Because your customers are not just coming by to see your products. No they want to see your lovely faces too.

But you don’t have to do it all by yourself.

Heck no.

Think of the scene in Endgame where all the women show up together to take the gauntlet across the battlefield and they’re like “she’s got help”. Oh yes I went there. Nerdy movie quote for the win!

It’s time for your back up to arrive. Let’s go!

How I can help you

Well first off if this is your first time around here, let’s get you acquainted with me. I am Amanda and Creativity Sparkles is my baby. Spirituality has been my passion for over 5 years now and email marketing has been my catalyst for getting people to dive deeper in the metaphysical/ woo woo/ witchy rabbit hole.

It’s true what people say. We do not own our social media platforms, and it is painfully obvious since the algorithm likes to show less and less of our awesomeness to the world. How are you suppose to bring your products front and center to people?

Through Email Marketing.

But not in the same way that every single article on Pinterest seems to show. Our industry is sacred and people come into for two reasons- connection and transformation. Your list needs to reflect that.

I offer a full range of services to help you and your email marketing connect to your customers on a deeper level. All while keeping your brand at the forefront of it all.

How does it all work ?

Well it