4 Spiritual Items to Boost Your Creative Energy

Today is not the day my creativity is coming out to play. Like my energy sometimes, my creativity likes to go play hide and seek and then fall asleep during the game. Bit annoying really. Kinda a pain in my ass, but when this happens it’s time for me to bring out the big guns.

Creativity comes from within us every day.  Sometimes it's a struggle though as are most things in life.  When that happens, we sometimes have to look to the universe for some extra help.

When we put it out into the universe that we need help with a certain project or problem, the universe doesn't completely take care of it for us. We have to put in effort too, but sometimes it feels we're banging our heads against the wall.

Creative's block or writer's block is a real thing. Frustrating as hell and sometimes it feels like we can't claw our way out of it. If you want to know more about beating creative's block then check out my post here.

Sometimes though we need a little spiritual help when it comes to boosting our creativity.  Here are just some basic items you can keep on hand in your office or craft room, as well as some activities to boost your creative energy. 

Spiritual items for creativity
Spiritual items for creativity
Spiritual items for creativity

1- Fire

Out of the 4 elements (air, water, fire,earth) fire is the one that represents creativity, passion and activity. Remember though, that when it comes to the element of fire it can allow for creativity or become destructive. So just like how we tend to the embers of a bonfire, we need to make sure that we tend to the fire of our creativity. We need to make sure that we do not let it get out of control, or let the fire out (resulting in us burning out).

So keep candles in your area. Just remember safety first! Don't leave them alone in the area.  Some other items that represents fire are lamps, burned herbs or a sword or dagger. Whether you decide to keep this on your desk or your sacred space, make sure to keep it in the south area of the table. If you’re going to do this, then you might as well do this right.

2- The Colour Orange

Orange may not be the first colour that people reach for, but it should be if you want to get your creative juices flowing. The colour orange represent creativity and is such a bright, vibrant colour. Since it is a combination of red and yellow, it helps carry the crazy upbeat energy of red and the happiness of yellow. Not only does it represent creativity, but it also represents a positive outlook on life. Which is perfect to combat all those negative thoughts that are blocking your creativity. If you would like to check out more about colour magic, then check out my post here.

So what spiritual orange items should you keep on hand? CANDLES. Lots of orange candles, but be careful and keep paper away from them. Check out more about candle magic here! Also orange items that represents the sacral chakra will do. More on that later.

3- Crystals

If crystals are your thing, then trust me there are lots to keep on hand for creativity. Soon your desk will be covered in them. Hee hee. I am a horrible influence.

Amethyst is also known as the Artist’s stone, the Composer’s stone, the Inventor’s stone, the Poet’s stone and the Painter’s stone. This stone wears many hats. It will help you to visualize and brainstorm new ideas!

Citrine allows your creativity  to work well with others' creativity. It helps to motivate you, push your creativity to new heights and encourages self expression.

Carnelian helps to boost our confidence and gives us the power to express ourselves. It also supports the Sacral chakra which helps with creativity so it’s like a double whammy. Keep this stone on you at all times since it will help with inspiration!

Orange Calcite not only brings out a child like wonder, but it can also help to look at things in a different light. Great for when you need to tackle a creative project from a different angle.

Opal is a great stone because it is meant to help stimulate your creativity and boost your originality. It is a beautiful stone that helps you express your true self. It will help your confidence grow which will show in whatever creative project you are working on.

4- Spirit Animals

Spirit animals are meant to help and guide you through different points in our lives. They can come to us in dreams, visions and meditations. Now I am not saying have one of these as a pet, but keep a little figurine or pictures in your area. Some of the animals used for creativity:

Seals are great to show you that you need to pay attention to your imagination.  If this is your spirit animal it means that your highly creative and very imaginative. You should focus your energy into creative endeavors.

As creepy as spiders are, they can also be helpful when you're in a creative rut. They help you to look at things from a different angles. It's great for when you are hyper focused on a project.

Racoons may be vicious characters in  real life, but they are also problem solvers. They are clever, curious and and resourceful.

Eagles are powerful creatures. They look closely at every little detail, and both highly intuitive and creative.

5- Keep Your Sacral Chakra Balanced

The sacral chakra is the chakra located in your lower abdomen. When your sacral chakra is blocked, it will most likely mean that your creativity is blocked too. There are some things you can do to unblock it:

  • Eat more orange fruits and vegetables. They carry a lot more vitamin A and C which will promote anti-inflammation and keep your eyes health

  • Dance! In order to help boost energy, dancing is a quick and fun activity that will help you blow off steam. Do it when no one is watching and just have fun with it!

  • Practice Yoga. Simple stretches done daily can make a world of difference in your life. Focus on poses that will benefit your lower body and abs

  • Immerse yourself in a creative activity. I know, if you could do that you wouldn’t be in a block would you? Bare with me. Pick an activity that you have done a ton of times before. Something you know how to do without really thinking about it. When you become so focused on it, you sort of go into a meditative state and relax your mind. Perfect opportunity for your brain to work through any blocks it’s having.

  • Surround yourself with things that make you happy. It could be pictures, crystals, stuffed animals what ever you want!

What are your favourite spiritual items for your work space? I would love to find out!

Peace, love and creativity