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4 Spiritual Items to Boost Your Creative Energy

4 Spiritual Items to Boost Your Creative Energy

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Creativity comes from within us every day.  Sometimes it's a struggle though as are most things in life.  When that happens, we sometimes have to look to the universe for some extra help.

When we put it out into the universe that we need help with a certain project or problem, the universe doesn't completely take care of it for us. We have to put in effort too, but sometimes it feels we're banging our heads against the wall.

Creative's block or writer's block is a real thing. Frustrating as hell and sometimes it feels like we can't claw our way out of it. If you want to know more about being creative's block then check out my post here.

Sometimes though we need a little spiritual help when it comes to boosting our creativity.  Here are just some basic items you can keep on hand in your office or craft room. 

1- Fire

Out of the 4 elements (air, water, fire,earth) fire is the one that represnts creativity, passion and activity. Keep candles in your area. Just remember safety first! Don't leave them alone in the area. 


2- Orange or Purple

Both of these colours signify creativity. So keep items in these colours close by. The colour orange is meant to represent creativity, enthusiasm, and happiness. Purple represents creativity, mystery and magic. So keep crystals, candles,  blankets or wear your favourite orange or purple shirt. Anything to help get you in the right mindset.


3- Crystals

If crystals are your thing, try to keep Amethyst, Citrine and Carnelian in your office.

Amethyst holds the ultimate power of creativity. It is helpful if you are in the arts.


Citrine allows your creativity  to interact with others' creativity.


Carnelian helps to boost our confidence and gives us the power to express ourselves. This orange crystal is great for creativity.


4- Spirit Animals

Spirit animals are meant to help and guide you through different points in our lives. They can come to us in dreams, visions and meditations. Now I am not saying have one of these as a pet, but keep a little figurine or pictures in your area. Some of the animals used for creativity:

Seals are great to show you that you need to pay attention to your imagination.  If this is your spirit animal it means that your highly creative and very imaginative. You should focus your energy into creative endeavors.

As creepy as spiders are, they can also be helpful when you're in a creative rut. They help you to look at things from a different angles. It's great for when you are hyper focused on a project.

Racoons may be vicious characters in  real life, but they are also problem solvers. They are clever, curious and and resourceful.

Eagles are powerful creatures. They look closely at every little detail, and both highly intuitive and creative.

What are your favourite spiritual items for your work space? I would love to find out!

Peace, love and creativity


Crystal of the day- Aragonite

Looking to do some grounding work? Then Aragonite is a great stone to work with. It is connected to Mother Earth and everything she is connected to. So if you need to stabilize your root chakra then grab this stone, since it will help to stabilize and balance it. This is also a stone that you should keep in the work place or at your desk. It helps with concentration and focus. Are you pushing yourself to hard with your spiritual development? Then utilize this stone because it will help to center you and calm your mind. 

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