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The Soul Searcher's Handbook Review

The Soul Searcher's Handbook Review

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This is one of the first books I picked up on my journey and I think it’s absolutely one of my favourites. This how to book just made me want to devour everything. I constantly go back to this book and even bought it for a friend of mine.

The Soul Searcher’s Handbook is straight forward and 100% easy to comprehend. Trust me once you start talking about numerology, different yoga poses, and auras you need to slow down and digest it properly or else your head starts to hurt. At least mine does anyways.

So what does it cover?

This 200+ page book covers a whole range of topics.  It really helps to connect with you and you really learn a  lot about yourself.  There are 3 sections to the book. They focus on your body, mind and spirit. Each section is broken down and talks about topics such as:

-          Dreams

-          Chakras

-          Aromatherapy

-          Feng shui

-          Numerology

-          Your guides

Part 1: Healthy Body

This section really wants you to connect with your body. It teached you to slow down and really connect.  Emma Mildon really breaks things down to give you all the tools that are necessary.   There are lists on diverse holistic practices such as Homeopaths and Reflexology.  There is a focus on different yoga poses (which I really should focus on- flexibility is key).  Did you know that there are actually different styles of yoga and forms of meditation? Yep she’s got that in there too. 

There is an entire chapter on crystals! Yay! I am sorry not sorry about that. I really do love crystals. She goes really in depth about the colours of them, uses, connection with chakras, how to care for them  and where to keep them in your house. It’s quite cool actually.


Part 2: Awakened Mind

This was my favourite section. I really wanted to open my mind to a lot of different things. This section goes through things such as dream analysis,  astrology and my favourite- numerology. I love numerology. The concept of things being predetermined because of numbers fascinates me. I can’t wait to talk about it in another post.

Part 3: Vibrant Spirit

Want to connect more to spirit guides, or animal guides? Maybe you need to work on protecting yourself and your spirit? Or maybe you would like to learn more about tarot cards, guided meditations and other topics to connect your soul to the universe? Then this is the section for you!

This last section is about the thing we forget about the most in our day to day lives- our spirit. Actually if we’re being honest, we probably take advantage and forget about all 3 of these topics. We really should make more of an effort to put us first and I really do think that this book will help. It is one of my favourites.

Have you read this book? What did you think? Let me know in the comment section below!

Peace, love and creativity


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