7 Spiritual Gifts To Earn You #1 Gift Giver Title

Christmas is coming! Christmas is coming! CHRISTMAS IS COMING!

In case you missed it, there is a certain holiday just around the corner and it’s time (if you haven’t already started) to get your butt in gear and do some holiday shopping.

I much prefer gifts that are meaningful rather than your basic run of the mill gifts. Don’t even get me started on gift cards. Unless someone has specifically asked for that for whatever reason, I would much rather shop with intention and get them something they truly want.

If you stuck on some fabulous gift ideas or maybe you need to leave a hint or two for your S.O (which in that case just leave this bad boy open when you know they are going to be home) then here some great gift ideas that will not break the bank, and will totally put a smile on their face.

gift giving ideas
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spiritual gifts to give this christmas

Crystals- $-$$$

Ok this one is too easy. Crystals are a great go to gift. They are fabulous because they go great in stocking stuffers, or even as a separate gift. Make sure to wrap them nicely, include a description if they are not ones the receiver has, and most importantly choose them with intention.

You can either go with ones they don’t have in their collection, or try to choose ones that they could use at that moment. Make sure that the shop cleanses the crystals before giving them to you. A crystal will always serve it’s purpose, but you don’t need any negative energy from someone who previously touched that crystal. No need for bad juju!

Gemstone Jewellery- $-$$

Okay let’s take diamond necklaces, rings and earrings out of the equation, unless you want to go above and beyond, which all the power to ya! No, lets talk a bit about jewellery in a smaller price range. Most metaphysical shops will also carry jewellery made from different crystals. They can be really simple or a little bit more flamboyant.

Make sure to read the instructions and description of the crystal you are looking at and see whether or not that crystal would suit the person you are shopping for. Just like with the crystal stones make sure they cleanse the piece of jewellery before you leave!

If crystal jewellery is not their thing, then try a piece of jewellery with a symbol on it. The people at the shops should be able to tell you all the meanings for any of the symbols in their shop.

Spirit Animal Figurine- $-$$

I am all about the spirit animals! Having them close by usually helps me with whatever problem I seem to have. So I have my wolf in several places around the house. We joke that my grandmother’s spirit animal was a pig (she used to win tremendous amounts on the pig slots at the casino), so now both my mom and I carry a little one in our purses.

Is there an animal they are particularly fond of? There is a reason. Mine is the wolf and that screams independence as well as being part of a pack. The pig? They seem to belong to people who are extremely lucky. Sounds about right!

If they already collect them, try to go out of your way and get something that could really be a stand out piece in their collection.

A Journal- $-$$

Okay so this is not exactly going to be just for journalling. This book is going to be used for EVERYTHING. Anyone going through their personal spiritual journey is going to want a place to write down their thoughts, any new practices, important information, facts and anything else they can think of. So this book has got to be good.

Try to get something that is of really nice quality. You can have a fabulous design on the front or a blank cover so that they can design one themselves.

Books $-$$

Oh my God there are so many books you can go and buy them. So many topics to learn. Anyone on a spiritual journey is going to want as much knowledge as humanly possible. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you were the one to give it to them?

Look for books on topics they love to talk about. Here are some topics to start you off:

  • astrology

  • tarot

  • occult

  • crystals

  • religions

  • chakras

  • past lives

  • angels

That is just the tip of the iceberg! Ask them for a list of books or just topics in general they would like for you to look at.

Mythological Creature Figurine-$-$$

Everyone loves the beauty of a mythological creature and some have some beautiful meanings. Chances are your person is in love with one of them. Keep a look out for mermaids, dragons. fairies and unicorns.

The good news is that these 4 creatures are extremely popular, so you can find them just about anywhere and in many different styles!

Mermaids are meant to symbolize intuition and knowledge.

Fairies symbolizes an internal healing and sometimes a little reckless abadonment.

Unicorns are meant for people who love to see the magic in the world.

Dragons are meant to bring good fortune to the person it belongs to.


Do they love to meditate? Or maybe they would like to but they struggle with it? Malas are meant to help the person go through a deeper meditation and to calm their mind.

Malas have been used for thousands of years by the Buddhist and Hindu culture and consists of 109 beads strung together. 108 mala beads and 1 Guru bead. The person is suppose to silently count through the beads and says a mantra or affirmation.

When choosing a mala don’t just pick the first one. Each will be with different gemstones and crystals which of course have different meanings.

Peace, love and creativity!