How to Cleanse and Sage Your Home

Have you ever walked into a house and just knew that the energy was not right? Maybe it felt tense, sad, or just plain negative. Every house holds a story behind closed doors and can hold the energy that the owners put out into the world. The first house that I moved into held a lot of negative energy that I did not want near my family.  So what did I do to fix it? Well I can cleansed it!

Before I go into the steps of cleansing a house let's look at two very important definitions:

Cleansing a house- A process or ritual that removes any negative energy in a home.

Smudging- Spiritually cleansing with a bundle of herbs. Usually with sage.

Cleansing your home
Cleansing your home
Cleansing your home

So when should you cleanse your home? 

There are a few different occasions when you should cleanse your home.

  • When you move into a new home.

  • When an argument has happened in the home

  • When any sort of negative event has entered the home.

  • If you have had a large gathering, that is also a good reason to cleanse. Lots of different energy floating in one  area can be a bit overwhelming.

  • If someone is getting over an illness, now would be the time to sage!

    So what should you use to cleanse your home? 

  • White sage (usually in a bundle), because it is considered sacred, and cleansing. It helps to purify and protect. You can also make cleansing bundles with something other than white sage. Use herbs that are meant to bring in peace, love and happiness into your home. Herbs like lavender, rosemary and cedar are great choices.

  • A bowl to catch any of the sage embers. It doesn’t need to be too big, or anything. If you want to get really fancy you can get an Abalone shell. But in case your like me and can’t afford all the things, a simple bowl with do. I like to step outside the box, and use a right coloured bowl. One that I know will make me smile and help bring in a little fun and creativity while working on cleansing.

  • Last, but not least, a lighter to use on the white sage, and your intentions written on a piece of paper (if you need help remembering them).

    Here are the easy steps to follow in order to cleanse your house:

  1. Ground yourself. This means you are present in the moment and are focused on the task at hand. Take off your shoes and connect yourself with the earth. Picture a white light surrounding you while you're doing this ritual.

  2. Light the cleansing bundle. Do not let the fire get big. It just needs to be lit for a few seconds. Blow it out quickly. Like incense it will continue to smoulder afterwards.

  3. Set your intentions for each room. Check below for some ideas for your intentions.

  4. Walk around each room. Start in one corner of the room. With the white sage above the bowl, waft the smoke from bottom to top, saying your intentions as you go along. Continue along the room until the entire area is covered. Make sure to start on the right side of the house and move around the house in a counter-clockwise direction.

  5. Make sure you get every corner of the walls and windows. You want to get as much of the area as possible.

  6. The area you cover last should be by your front door. When you are done the inside, make sure you move outside and smudge the outside.

 What kind of intentions should you set?

Here are some ideas of intentions you can set while cleansing your house.

  • "I cleanse this area of any negative energy left in this house."

  • "I cleanse this room to remove any negativity, and wish to bring love and light into it."

  • "I cleanse, dismiss, and dispel all that is negative in this room."

  • "I wish to bring love and happiness into this space that was once unhappy."


 Fire Safety.

 Like with any open flame, you must be safe above all else!

  • Once the sage bundle is lit, it is important to blow it out. Treat it like incense and let it smoke around the room

  • Make sure there is no draft or air blowing through the room. All windows should be closed so that no embers fly around and catch something on fire.

  • Make sure to hold the bundle above the bowl. This is to let the embers fall into the bowl.

  • Even though sage bundles are not suppose to be extinguished after the smudging (the spirits of the bundle will know when all the negative energy is gone), it is important to keep in eye's view to make sure it goes out properly.

Not into burning something into your home?

Not a problem! There are plenty of essential oils that will also work in a space. If you want, you can use it in a diffuser (if you are just working in one room) or in a spray bottle if you are going around different rooms.

You are never just limited to one way! Try different ways and figure out what works for you!

 So within a short amount of time, you can kick negativity to the curb. It’s time to bring a little peace back to your area!

Peace, love and creativity