How to Be Creative and Happy as a Taurus

Oh hey all you gorgeous Taurus out there! I hope all of your birthdays are awesome because you deserve it! Let's take time to celebrate everything about you!

7 Taurus facts
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They Keep their feet firmly on the ground.

The Taurus sign is a beautiful sign. You are organized, methodical, and you strive for stability on a daily basis. You do not take unnecessary risks and that's okay. You are not wasting energy and effort focusing on things that do not create the good life you deserve.

Taurus are the type of people who prefer to move at a slow pace and keep calm rather than explode with anger. The only time you freak out is when the peaceful life you built is threatened. So people better not over step on your boundaries.

This zodiac sign does not like the competitiveness in this world. That's what makes you awesome! You have no time for petty competitions, drama and anything else that can will cause you anxiety. Peace and love am I right?

Love is their middle name

You are definitely a lover not a fighter. In fact you really believe that sexuality is one of the greatest pleasures in the world.  You want a relationship without the drama, and grows stronger every day. You are definitely in it for the long haul.

Taurus, the sensual lover, is a very jealous and possessive sign. They are fully committed and loyal. They not only expect, but demand those qualities in a partner as well. Unfortunately they can be very insensitive to the feelings of others and are not the most affectionate.

Taurus enjoy being in an equal partnership, but do prefer to be the breadwinner in the relationship. They love dates out on the town, but also enjoy cuddling in front of the tv. Netflix and chill anyone? They do not need much emotional reassurance, but they do need a sense of security. Taurus' do not need any chocolates or flowers as an expression of love. They do however have a sense of security when it comes to material things such as a house or a car.

Compromise is sometimes really difficult for this sign, since they are extremely stubborn. They can sometimes sabotage even the best of relationships. Divorce is an unlikely outcome when it comes to Taurus. They will do everything they can to stay married. However if a divorce does occur it is especially difficult for this sign to go through it.

They are at peace with nature

When it comes to this zodiac sign, a lot of people choose holistic and natural medicine as a popular career choice.  Taurus also prefer to spend time to connect with nature. Go connect to parks, beaches, and flower gardens. It is where you feel calm and at peace. Gardening is a good choice for a natural meditation. Traditional meditations are also your best bet.

They make the best friends

When it comes to any sort of relationship, people know that you are so reliable that they can lean on you for anything. You are extremely warm and affectionate to your friends. You know they deserve it. You have a tendency to attract people who have the same qualities as you- warm, caring and sweet. Because you are unwilling to rely on other people, you show that you are extremely dependable.  You are extremely loyal and trustworthy, just make sure that people don't take advantage of that.  Because you stay away from drama, you know how to keep a secret, which your friends will appreciate.

They are the people you want in your company

When it comes to a career choice, Taurus make great employees, employers and entrepreneurs. You are reliable, organized and dedicated to your work.  You are precise, attentive and are great at collaborating on projects. 

You are definitely not a rule breaker. You stick to the principles of the work place.  You are fair with your employees, but will also fire anyone who doesn't work hard and do what they're told. You prefer to do work that gives you a steady income. You care a great deal about financial security, so you will do whatever it takes to move up in the company.

Some great career choices:

  • Chefs

  • Banking

  • Farming

  • Architecture

  • Engineering

  • Construction

  • General medicine


Home is where the heart is

Your home is  your sanctuary and you take care of it. One of your interests is beautifying your home, office and backyard. This because this is where you like to relax and just be yourself. You like to be cozy and enjoy a glass wine and a good book.  Concerts, art exhibits, plays and other events are also great activities for you. 

Always keeping busy

What are some other activities that Taurus' enjoy?

  • Arts and crafts

  • Music- collecting, going to see, signing and listening

  • Anything to do with money

  • Gardening

  • Collecting

  • Painting

  • Cooking

  • Activities in nature- hiking, fishing, swimming, bird watching etc

  • Reading

There is so many great things about being a Taurus! Now is the time to celebrate yourself or the awesome Taurus in your life. So take some time out and enjoy them!

Peace, love and creativity

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