How to Be Creative and Happy As a Gemini

It's time for the Geminis! Happy birthday to you and happy birthday to me! So I am excited to go through this zodiac sign with you today. Let's begin!

Gemini personality traits
Gemini women

Their personality keeps you on your toes

There is a reason why the symbol of the Gemini is the twins. Geminis are known for split personalities and there is nothing wrong with that. We just have to also be a little sympathetic to the people around us and explain what is going on in our minds.

We can be fickle (guilty), but we're also versatile. We are awesome at living life because of our youthful spirit.  We are restless when we are just sitting (guilty again) and we get bored easily. We are spontaneous and are the type of people who appreciate being swept off our feet and taken on road trips at the drop of a hat. Yet at the same time we love to plan things and can focus on the little details.

Geminis are not stage 5 clingers

We love to be in relationships, but in these relationships we need time and space to breathe. We can be very independent people and like to do our thing. It can be tough for our significant others sometimes, so we have to learn to compromise. We need to show them that we still love them, even if we need a day to ourselves every now and then. There is nothing wrong with that!

Geminis are searching for their twin

We may need time to breath and such while in a relationship, but at the same time we love our partners, our twin flames. No matter if it’s in a romantic setting or platonic setting. We are constantly searching for them.

Spirituality is not a one size fits all

Geminis can be very open minded which is a great thing. This helps when it comes to our spirituality.  Geminis are very open to not only different spiritual practices, but religions as well. Since this sign gets very bored, it is normal to see them try different activities until they feel like something feels right. They may also change their mind a few months later.

Geminis are soul seekers

Geminis are also constantly looking for more. More out of the universe and more out of the meaning of life.  Even with the dual personality, Geminis are very good at focusing on the spiritual side of things. They are able to connect with nature, and do some introspection work. Even though Geminis are about as social as they come, if they don't find the time to sit and meditate they may take it out on the people around them. So get them a cup of tea and then let them get in touch with their spiritual side. 

Geminis make friendships entertaining

Since Geminis are so full of life (hello youthfulness) we look for people who can stay on the same level as us. We tend to gravitate to those who are willing to jump on the spontaneous bandwagon.

We also tend to talk A LOT. We're filled with endless stories, quick wit  and will generally talk your ear off. We just hope you can also hold an intelligent conversation with us. We are also very mischievous and get into trouble every now and then.

It is never a dull moment with a Gemini around. I know we're spontaneous, but sometimes flaky as well. But we will make things up to you if we end up having to bail on a night out. Just give us a chance.

You want us to be on your work team. Trust me.

Geminis are great employees, and are generally liked by their colleagues. This sign is known as the "ideas" person. This will come to their advantage in the work place. Since they are ideas people, it helps when it comes to problem solving. They focus on lists and details.

Geminis pride themselves on being awesome multi-taskers. That's because they have a tendency to work more than one job, go to school while working full time or take on a lot at work. They really like to keep busy. If the job is not challenging enough, they will look for new work.

Geminis really have a lot of ambition, and want to be skilled at EVERYTHING. We really have to scale back and realize that we can't be skilled at everything and that we should focus on one thing at a time. One thing every Gemini can work on is being much more punctual. Stop leaving projects till the end and finish early! This will help take you to new levels!

Geminis are not boring people

Since Geminis tend to be all over the place, so is their hobbies. Which is kind of awesome. They like to try different things and see what the world has to offer. Here are some of the awesome things that Geminis enjoy doing:

  • "light" sports- table tennis, archery, darts, pool, bowling

  • travel

  • taking courses

  • newspapers, magazines, quizzes, crosswords

  • public speaking, dancing

  • exploring

  • learning new languages

  • crafts

  • reading

Geminis you are a lot of fun! I hope your birthday was as fabulous as you are! Enjoy!

Peace, love and creativity