How to be Creative and Happy as a Cancer

Happy birthday Cancers, you beautiful, emotion filled, imaginative crabs! It is your time to shine! So if you're like me and you have a special Cancerian or you are one yourself, then this is for you! It is time to celebrate the Cancer sign of the zodiac!

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At first glance you may think they are just quiet

When it comes to Cancers, you might think you know them. You see them as quiet, emotional and reclusive, but you're not seeing the entire picture. Whereas some of the signs are very loud and in your face about things, Cancers prefer to be quiet and slip under the radar. But that doesn't mean they won't go after what they want. Nope that just means that they know how to get what they want without being in your face about it. So never count a Cancer out!

They are the people you want in your life.

Cancers are very nurturing and gentle. This makes it easy for others to come to them with problems or issues. They want to be overprotective of friends and family, and are very loyal. Cancerians are thoughtful people and are willing to put the needs of others before themselves. Sometimes they forget all about themselves. Remember YOU are important too!

Forgive, but never forget

Be careful of what you say to a Cancer when in an argument. Their feelings can be hurt quite easily. So be straight, but gentle. Unfortunately for you, if you piss off a Cancer they may forgive you, but they will never forget what you did. Tread lightly and best of luck.

They are looking for the deeper answers

Cancers love learning about spirituality and digging to find the deep answers about the universe and where we belong in it. Since most Cancers are introverts, it is easy for them to perform solitary spiritual practices such as meditation, introspection and yoga.

Home is Where the Heart is

Since their home is their sanctuary, Cancers will feel very comfortable to plop their butt down and meditate just about anywhere in the home. This sign has a very green thumb, so not only is gardening a great time for them to practice meditation, but they are also willing to fill their houses with plants.

Loyal to the end

Cancers make great friends. They are willing to give you the shirt off their back or give you their last dollar. Just don't be a brat and take advantage. Instead shower them with kindness as well. They will appreciate that. Also make sure to give them space from time to time. They need to step back into their metaphorical shell every now and again.

This sign is willing to make friends with anyone, but the friendships they made as children will last a life time. They know where peoples true loyalties lie, and prefer to stick to the people who have been through it all with them.

Sometimes you have to bring this crab out of its shell. Especially if something is on their mind. They will not be the type to come right out and say it. So get ready to coax them!

Their work ENVIRONMENT must be harmonious

In order for this sign to feel comfortable at work, they need to make sure the work environment is harmonious. If it is they will feel more secure and really push to get their career moving.  When they are in career that works well with their personality, they treat their job like it is their mission in life.

Since Cancers are born nurturers, jobs helping to care for others are perfect them. They make great nannies, doctors, nurses, counselors,  and therapists.  Cancers are also great in the food industry. It doesn't matter if they are a baker, chef, caterer, or candy maker. * This one I can agree with, my mom is fantastic at baking!

Hobbies, Interests and Creativity

This zodiac sign prefers a lot of solitary activities such as :

  • reading

  • gardening

  • journaling

  • playing with their pets

  • DIY

  • collecting antiques

They do also enjoy activities with other people as long as it's not with a big crowd:

  • swimming

  • team sports

  • sailing

  • dinner parties

So does any of this sound like someone you know? If so let me know in the comment section below!

Happy birthday Cancers!

Peace, love and creativity