Hello Sexy Sagittarius

Where are all my Sagittarius at? It’s time to celebrate you!

I won’t lie I don’t have many Sagittarius in my life. Which after going through some research I realize it is a damn shame. Let’s find out why

These people are ready to go at any time.

Turns out this sign has a TON of endless energy. Random road trip? They can be packed in 30 mins. Need a late night drive-thru buddy, they’ll come to pick your butt up. Their crazy energy makes them the perfect person to go on a spontaneous adventure. Basically, peace and serenity bore them. Adventure thrills them.

My cousin is a Sagittarius and him and his fiance are always off exploring different parts of the province. They are camping, exploring caves and just being freaking awesome. I am kinda jealous when I see all their pictures.

astrology sign sagittarius

They are going to be the most positive people in your life

The people from this sign have a big heart and they just want to spread love and positivity. Why hate when you could just love.

They are one of the more generous signs. They are always willing to help out a friend when they need it. They want to see the best in people and believe that there is good in everyone. They are more free-spirited and accepting of other people and their paths.

They are the teachers of the world.

It is an accomplishment to be very knowledgeable and yet not act like a know it all jerkface. This zodiac sign has managed to accomplish this feat. They take the time to really learn everything about the topic at hand. When they want to teach other people about it, they can do so in a way clear and simple way for others to understand, without feeling like their being talked down to.

They are great people to go to as well because while they might have the solutions to the problem, they would much rather show you how to solve the problem. It’s the whole teach a man to fish scenario.

They are the life of the party

Remember that crazy energy I told you about? That helps all Sagittarius be the centre of the party. They have great social skills and also are so damn friendly that everyone wants to hang out with them.

Their energy makes other people want to try new things and be crazy too. When you walk into a room it really is no surprise if you get pulled in their direction. They’re kinda fabulous.

They tend to be world travellers

Sagittarius people are generally very restless if they stay in one spot for too long. They would much rather backpack through Europe than be stuck in the same damn town for the rest of their lives. They are always planning their next big trip and it might not the most popular spots. It could be off the beaten path. It would be in parts unknown. They are going for the big adventure.

They are Risk Takers

Of course, the crazy world travellers are risk takers. Carpe diem and all that jazz. They are also known for trying something at least once such as sky diving or racing cars (omg I would love to do that). Just beware they might try and convince you to try and do the same thing.

They are fiercely loyal.

Even as kids, Sagittarius never really ran with certain cliques. Nope if they liked you and you treat them well then you’re golden. They are more willing to see the person you are on the inside then the type of crowd you hang out with.

Even though they are more givers than takers I will ask that you don’t take advantage of them. They don’t deserve it. They will support you with any all decisions you make.

They appreciate other’s differences.

They realize that there is a lot to learn about one another. When they get to know you, they want to know everything about you. That includes your culture and belief systems. They will find it fascinating how you celebrate different holidays and traditions.

This partly goes back to the fact that they love to travel. If they are travelling to a different country, then they are going to want to know everything about that culture. Soak it all in!

They are a sucker for the great outdoors

If they have to be stuck in one place, then they might as well make the most of it. They can be found out in nature as much as possible. Camping, hiking and going to outdoor events is one of their favourite things to do.

So does this make you see your Sagittarius friend or partner in a whole new light? Let me know!

Peace, love and creativity