Happy Imbolc

Welcome to the 3rd Sabbat in my Sabbat series! Want to learn more about Samhain or Yule? Then check out those posts!

At this time of the year, it is all about Imbolc or sometimes known as the Feast of St. Brigid. Let’s get down with this quiet holiday.


A little background information

Imbolc is celebrated on February 1st. The holiday is suppose to signify the first signs of spring, especially after a harsh winter. Certain animals would birth in February instead of spring and that gave people hope that the worst is almost over. Seems a little odd doesn’t it? Not sure where you are, but February in Canada never seems to freaking end.

It’s time to be a little introspective

There is a reason why this holiday is not as vivacious (good word Amanda!) as say Samhain or Yule. You wouldn’t normally find yourself painting the town red so to speak. That’s because this awesome holiday is meant to be more quiet and introspective.

Think of it as the New Year’s Day of the Pagan Wheel of the Year. Don’t confuse it with New Year’s Eve, very very different. Imbolc is the time to be examining your life. Declutter things that are of no use to you. Reflect on the past year and focus on how you want the rest of the year to be.

Think of it as your new rebirth. So any new beginnings you want to have, now is the time to get started on them! And go!

It’s the holiday of transformation

So in preparation of Spring, Imbolc helps you to transform into a new being. So take advantage of this holiday and set some goals that will push you out of your comfort zone. It doesn’t have to be huge steps. You can do some simple things such as:

  • make a new friend

  • change your wardrobe or makeup

  • start that new project you have been thinking of.

Include these 3 ingredients in your Imbolc feast

Since this is not a fancy festive holiday, you do not need to plan a huge elaborate meal. There is no need to invite friends and friends of friends to your house to get drunk off of beer and eat an enormous amount of food.

Nope with this holiday, it is fine to go simple. You can make some yogurt cheese and soda bread and just include some butter on top. See I told you- simple.

Since this sabbat is all about new and fresh, just try to keep any and all of your dishes free of processed foods. Try to go more natural and get them from markets if you can.

The Feast of St Brigid

There are 2 different versions of Brigid. The story is that she was a deity and then the Christian faith made her into a saint. She is now the patron saint of babies. But some people still look at her as a fire goddess. Either way, she is pretty cool.

Brigid was one of the main deities for the Celts. She was a strong and powerful fire goddess who helped women who struggled with being independent. She was clever enough to show women how to be self-sufficient in the world.

I think every woman should celebrate her. She’s kind of badass.

Change up your altar

If you have an altar or sacred space like I do, then this is a perfect time to change it up. When preparing your altar you want a lot of things that will represent new beginnings, abundance, and fertility (if that’s your thing). Here are some things you can include on your altar:

  • Anything green to represent fertility, abundance and growth

  • Anything white to represent cleansing, protection and purification

  • Anything yellow to represent creativity, planning and the sun

  • Angelica (herb) to represent new beginnings, stability and success

  • Basil to represent clarity and protection

  • Reed to represent healing, inspiration, confidence and growth

  • Daffodils to represent calm, fertility, perseverance

  • Amethyst to represent happiness, balance, rebirth, beginnings, transformation

  • Cows represent abundance, comfort and nourishment

  • Dragons represent balance, creativity, enlightenment and are specifically tied into this holiday specifically

  • Scents such as cedar, peppermint, basil and cinnamon

  • Candles

Declutter your home

Anything that causes you sadness, or pain to look at, now is the time to get rid of it. Decluttering your home of anything that doesn’t work or is broken will help you to make room fora stronger more abundant future.

Since this is a time for rebirth, now is the time to also get rid of anything that does not suit the person you are now, or who you want to become.

Candle Making

Candles are very significant for this holiday. Tradition has it that you are suppose to bring all the candles into one room and light them all. Or you can take a candle from the church and bring it home to relight the candles.

If you want to stay traditional, then this is the perfect time to learn how to make candles. If you are lazy like me, then store bought candles work too.

Make sure when you are lighting your candles you are setting some intentions for the year ahead.

Journal and set intentions

Not the type of person who likes to journal? But maybe your mind is all a bunch 0f mumble jumble? Now is the time to start looking into it. Even if the journaling is more or less just a big ol fashioned brain dump then get that sh*t on paper.

Don’t spend your time this year with a chaotic mind. Turn that into a calm and productive process this year.

Imbolc is still an important holiday, even though it is not as lavish as some of the other holidays. It is the perfect time to do a little soul searching and focusing on you. Are you going to celebrate Imbolc?

Peace, love and creativity