Create Your Own Altar

My altar is one of my favourite things and it changes constantly. It’s where I pray, meditate do yoga or just be.

Lots of people will tell you that when building an altar you can’t go wrong with anything you choose. They are not wrong, but as a beginner I still needed a starting point.

If you’re like me and need some ideas, then here are my steps to preparing my altar:

Create an Altar
Beginner's guide to building an altar
Altar creation 101

Find the Perfect Space

Walk around your home and find an area that feels right. It could give you a sense of calm or a boost of energy. Choose the best place with the least amount of negative energy.

At one point I had my crystals, books and incense in my living room. I was constantly worried that someone would say something that I eventually created my own negative energy. Once I put everything back in my room, it felt so much better.

Whether you want you to use the altar in the morning or at night, try to have it in a room with a window. This way you can have lots of natural light and you can soak up the energy of the sun, or the moon. Just make sure you keep some of your crystals out of the sunlight.

Furniture doesn’t need to be fancy or expensive. Instead just a simple pillow to sit on and a llttle bookshelf to keep all your stuff on.

Clear the Space

You found the perfect spot and have your furniture in place. Now it is time to get rid of any negative energy. Think of it like starting fresh. This is your space and should be a place to connect to the spirits, the universe, your higher power or just yourself.

When clearing the space use sage or incense to banish any and all negative energy. Lots of people say their intentions for the space. I normally say “with this sage I banish any negative energy in this room. Blessed be” You may feel silly at first, but it will get easier.

Determine What Your Altar Will Be For

You can have an altar up all year round (in fact I suggest it), but you may want to switch things up every now and again. It’s completely normal and encouraged! So while you may have a general altar sometimes with just a few items intuitively chosen by you (go girl have fun with it!), maybe you want to switch it up for a moon cycle, season or a religious or spiritual holiday.

If that is the case, then do your research. Find out what excites you. When it comes to the moon, maybe you will want to write an intention and leave it on your altar. Some people enjoy making a money altar. If that is something you might enjoy then stick a $20 bill on the altar, light some green candles and create a crystal grid for that purpose.

Holidays are also a great time to change up the altar. During Samhain you can put a picture of an ancestor, or some food on the altar for any lingering spirits. If Christmas is your jam, then a small nativity scene and white candles could work too.

Choose Your Sacred Items

This is where you get to have some fun. You may choose to have items pertaining to a certain intention. a Sabbat or holiday, moon cycle or season.

Pick items you have a connection to and want to work with.

I tend to keep mine more generalized that way when I want to set my intentions I have most of my tools at my finger tips. I do plan on spending time learning about Sabbats and adjusting my altar according. Some items on my altar:

  • candles

  • incense

  • crystals

  • crystal grid

  • my 3 Buddahs (hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil)

  • my spirit animal figure

  • dagger

Some other ideas for you to put on your altar:

  • A cloth- in the colours representing a holiday or event

  • A chalice

  • A wand

  • Bells

  • Tarot cards

Arrange Your items

To start off let me just say this: there is no right or wrong way to arrange your items. I personally arrange how I see fit. Lots of people may arrange based on Feng Shui, or elemental direction. When it comes to elemental direction, try to keep the following in mind:

  • Representation of Air belongs to the East, such as an incense holder or feathers

  • Representation of Fire belongs to the North such as a candle

  • Representation of Water belongs to the West such as a bowl of water, or a chalice

  • Representation of Earth belongs to the South such as a bottle of dirt or sand, or a bowl of salt

Create A Comfortable Seating Area For Yourself

There is a reason why a lot of meditation areas have beautiful pillows and tapestries around the area. THEY ARE COMFY AF! Why would you sacrifice your comfort while sitting there meditating for 20-30 minutes at a time? You wouldn’t! Also keep it at the right temperature so that you don’t freeze your butt off.

Keep A Separate Playlist For Your Meditation Area

Do you have a specific playlist for when you are anxious or stressed right out? Then try to keep it just for your meditation area and altar. That way your body knows that when you are in this area, listening to this playlist that it’s okay to relax, to be grateful and to appreciate yourself.

Some things to remember:

When it comes to your altar, you don’t need to follow any hard and fast rules. This is your altar, and like every snowflake everyone’s will be different. Put your own personality into it and appreciate the heck out of it!

You also really don’t need to spend a ridiculous amount of money. It doesn’t need to be big and grand. Put a little creativity into it and make it as budget friendly as you need to.

You can also take your altar on the road with you. Keep a travel size one in your bags. A couple of crystals, a little candle and a cloth and you are set!

Last, but not least you do not need to practice any specific spiritual path. You can practice any path and still have an altar. It is not limited to one group of people. It is yours and yours alone.

What are you thinking of putting on your altar? I would love to know your tips!

Peace, love and creativity