7 Reasons Why Capricorns are Awesome

Last post in my zodiac sign series! Capricorn! Trust me, you may be last in my series, but you are certainly not least. So if you are a Capricorn or know one, then let’s get started on celebrating the beauty that is a Capricorn!

Capricorns are not the type to give up so easily

When it comes to pretty much anything that has to do with their goals, they are all about the succeeding! Capricorns are known for seeing the finish line and doing whatever it takes to get over it. Determined is basically their middle name. This sign is also known for working late into the night or going for long hours without a break. Their stamina is just that good.

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Astrological sign capricorn

But they don’t set huge unrealistic goals

Capricorns don’t see the fun in setting huge unattainable goals. They much prefer setting goals that are just out of their reach so that they can achieve them with just a little bit of dedication and hard work. Why keep setting goals, if you never break them? Results are much more satisifying for them than the journey they take to get there. It’s all about the destination.

Capricorns have well balanced emotions

Some signs like Geminis, Aries and Leos are known for their outrageous emotions. Capricorns? Not so much. They try to be just completely balanced. So they are not the first to get overly excited about something. Some might call them tranquil. Others might call them cold and maybe a little detached. That’s not the case though. There is just no need to waste energy getting worked up over nothing.

Alone time is glorious.

So instead of feeding into the drama of other people, you will more than likely catch a Capricorn just chilling at home. That is for 2 reasons. For starters they need to recharge their battery. They can’t do that if everyone is sucking the life out of them. So let them have their alone time. It will help them get back out there and deal with everything with a leveled head.

Second reason is that, their alone time is best spent working towards goals. They may not be busy at work, but they could be reading personal development books, watching the discovery channel or learning in general. They are always trying to better themselves.

Obligations can be both good and bad

There are some obligations that are good and some that are bad. Okay maybe not bad per-say, but definitely some that we could do without. For Capricorns those types of obligations are social events and parties. Capricorns are much more willing to have a small intimate group of friends, rather than go out to a rager every weekend with people they don’t know. Spontaneity is not in their vocabulary. So if a social event is on the horizon, know that they will come, but maybe not with the same enthusiasm as another sign like Geminis. Geminis always like to party.

But, some obligations are good! I swear! One obligation that takes precident over everything else? Family. Capricorns are not willing to budge when it comes to family. Family even comes before work. So if you are not a Capricorn, then I say marry a Capricorn. You won’t regret it.

They choose careers that allows them to use their minds

Sometimes the more complicated the job, the better. At least for this zodiac sign. Caps are known for choosing jobs that allow them to use their intellect on a regular basis. So careers in finance, medicine, research, architecture and engineering are a perfect fit for them. They enjoy the routine set out in their days, but also like the complexity of a problem that can really make them scratch their head.

It all goes back to that achieving goals business.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Oh yes I went there. I quoted Spider Man. How could I not? Capricorns may be known for achieving great goals, but they are also known for being ridiculously hard on themselves and others when they do not achieve said goals. And they don’t forget it either. So if you’re a Capricorn, remember the next time you’re busting your ass to achieve something to take the time to appreciate the ones (and yourself) who are working with you. A little appreciation can go a long way.

So how have you been enjoying the zodiac series? Does your sign align with you? Let me know!

Peace, love and creativity