How to Use Candle Magic to Your Advantage

I am a candle hoarder. Oh it's bad. I didn't mean to, but when your bf gives you a $250 gift card to Bath and Body Works you have a tendency to spend a lot there.  It's like free money right? I love the smells and the looks of the containers. One thing I never thought of, until someone mentioned it to me is the colour of candles. I don't choose certain colours over others, but now after doing some research I am thinking maybe I should? Maybe there is something to Candle Magic.

What is Candle Magic?

How to Use Candle Magick
How to Use Candle Magick
How to Use Candle Magick

Candle magic is a simple practice. Pretty much simpler than any other practice out there. Like colour magic we use them without even realizing sometimes. For example:

  • A church will never use black candles, but will certainly use white candles regularly because they are purifying and innocent. Almost, if not all, churches use candles in their services on a regular basis.

  • Candles are used during romantic dinners or romantic evenings (if you catch my drift). They are used to create a romantic atmosphere.

  • You may use them in your meditation practices, because an overhead light is too harsh

  • Blowing out birthday candles and making a wish

What if I told you, that you could be even more intentional with them? Would you believe me? Let me explain!

Candles are a great way to really set your intentions with the universe. They don't have to be expensive, and the time it takes to work with them is little to no time at all!

To start off when looking at a candle, realize that it represents all the 4 elements. Fire- when it is lit and melting, Air- smoke, Water- liquid wax and Earth- when it is unlit. Remember, you should not use your candle to bring harm or unwell wishes to anyone else. They're not kidding when they say karma is a bitch.

So what are the steps to performing some basic candle magic?

  1. First and foremost, for the love of all that is holy, please oh please practice fire safety. That is your number one priority. Do not let that flame out of your sight. I don't want to hear about any major fires please.

  2. Set your intention. What do you want or need? Write it down, visualize it. Do whatever you need to do.

  3. Choose your candle with your intention in mind. The colour of your candle will help guide your intentions to the universe. Not sure of the colour? Hold on a sec and I will let you know!

  4. Prepare your candle. You don't want to use a candle with any previous negative energy. You can use oils to help anoint the candle. These can be found in any occult stores or online. Or you can use baby oil. There are so many to use. You just need a little bit to cover the candle. You can also bless these to help purify them.

  5. Also make sure that there is no previous wax droppings on it.

  6. Light your candle and focus on the intention or question you are putting out into the universe. Visualize it and know everything about it. Own it!

  7. When you are done with your candle, do not blow it out. Instead use a snuffer. It is insulting to the candle to do otherwise.

  8. Thank the universe for listening.

  9. Go out and make it happen. Utilize anything that the universe throws out to you! Remember it's not going to do all the work. You need to do some too!

Want to know what colour to use for your candle? Alright, let's go through!

  • Red- Use when you want to increase your energy, passion or lust. Great to use in the bedroom.

  • Orange- Use when you need to bring new ideas into your life, or business. If you are also having troubles with someone use an orange candle to help.

  • Yellow- If you're wanting to boost your creativity, concentration or self expression this is the colour to use.

  • Green- Use this colour when you are needing to work a bit harder, or bring money, prosperity or abundance into your life.

  • Blue- If you are experiencing negativity in your life, then blue is the colour to burn. It also helps with creative projects or travelling.

  • Violet- When boosting your knowledge or spirituality then burn a violet colour.

  • Pink- With matters of the heart, pink is a good colour to go with. It is soft and gentle.

What do you think of candle magic? I am really curious! Let me know in the comment section!