Aquarius Facts that are Fabulous

Happy birthday to all you beautiful Aquarius out there! It is a great time of the year for you, because we get to celebrate you! Let's find out what it’s like to be an Aquarius. Here are some quick and fabulous facts about this kick ass sign.

How to be Awesome as an Aquarius
How to be Awesome as an Aquarius
How to be Awesome as an Aquarius

Freedom is key to this sign.

First things first, an Aquarius needs to be free and trust me they will let you know! There is nothing wrong with that. It is just something that the people around them will have to take into consideration. This means that they will be self reliant and extremely independent.

They need their space regularly, or else they start to feel like they are being confined. That doesn’t mean they aren’t good partners or aren’t in it to win it. It just means that they can with you without being attached to your hip. Trust me this is a good thing!

Sociability is second nature to them.

As independent as they are, Aquarius are also very sociable. Not in a cliquey sort of way.  Nope, they really appreciate and are open minded about people's individualism. They love to be original and want others to be that way too! Since they find predictability boring, they prefer to go out on many different adventures and try new experiences.

Don’t ever be worried about them. They may need their freedom, but their door is always open to those who need it. They will always be there to help you out.

Quirky is their middle name!

Aquarius would also be described as quirky, unconventional, idealistic, unpredictable, rebellious and stubborn. Don't look at that as a negative. Celebrate these personality quirks! They are what make you, you! You don't like the drab of everyday boring life and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! Create a little chaos in your life!

Their careers have to give them freedom

As an Aquarius, you know what will make you happy in the "adult" world? Not having a cubicle job. You don't want to spend your life wishing that you were doing more than just pushing papers. So get up and start doing more!

Looking for a job that will make you happy and spark your creativity? Look for something with a bit of variety. Try something like photography, or writing.  If you could a job that required travelling, you would basically be set for life! Cha-ching!

Basically you need new experiences and new projects thrown your way all the time. Just make sure that you get past the idea stage and follow through with the projects!

Hobbies, Interests and Creativity

Aquarius are very creative and will try new hobbies all the time. Some of them may be more eccentric than others. If you are looking for new hobbies to try, then take a look at one of these!

  • UFO watching

  • Astronomy

  • Candle-making

  • Restoring old cars

  • Studying the mind, body and spirit

  • Reading Science Fiction or comics

  • Music

  • Arts and theater

Routine Is a Dirty Word

Don’t even suggest to an Aquarius that it would be best to keep a routine. Not unless you want dagger eyes. Routines are a no go for an Aquarius. To them routines suggest boredom, confinement and restriction. Bleh. Want to get on their good side? Suggest instead a random road trip, a different way of doing things or throw a curve ball into the mix every now and again. Keep them on their toes!

They are extremely idealistic.

This is not a bad thing whatsoever. Nope this is a great thing that will help them change the world for the better. They know it will take time and that’s okay! They are willing to take the time and help perfect the changes that are needed to make the world kick ass.

No Judgment Rule

Remember that freedom thing I keep talking about? Ya well that rule pertains to their friends as well. This sign believes that everyone deserves to make their own decisions and choices in life. So instead of judging the life decisions you make, they are more focused on helping you succeed with them.

Are you an Aquarius? What are your hobbies and interests? What do you enjoy doing?

Peace, love and creativity


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