8 Ways to Celebrate Ostara

Spring is in the air darling! Time for sunshine, green grass and everything coming alive. Sounds wonderful right? It absolutely should be!

Now I will be 100% truthful, spring is not my favourite season, but that’s okay. It’s great to see everything becoming new again.

Celebrate Ostara
celebrate Ostara
8 ways to celebrate Ostara.

Ostara or the spring equinox (which is what most people know it as) is the celebration of the world coming back to life. We are finally starting to get out of a bitter cold winter and moving into a more warmer and inviting season. There is finally equal parts of both daylight and nighttime. Which means we are slowing gaining for more light. Before you know it, it’s going to be summer time.

There are many different symbols for Ostara such as eggs, butterflies, rabbits and chicks, similar to Easter. All of these symbolize either fertility or growth. So let’s find out how you can bring a little more growth in this beautiful season.

Put plans into action

After sometimes a long, boring and stagnant winter, we are itching to get ourselves back into our normal routine. We want to get going on preparing for our summer plans and projects. Now is the time to start putting those plans into action.

Sometimes it’s as simple as going for long walks so that we can start getting back into shape. Or planning that yearly house renovation (story of my life). Either way I am sure you have some plans up your sleeve that you are just ready to get started on.

Look at those goals you set during the new year. You know those ones. The ones that you stopped doing about a month or so into the new year. Ya, those ones. Now is the time to bring those back and look at achieving those.

Ostara is the perfect time to focus on a little personal growth and incorporate spiritual practices into your life. So throw in a little meditation, a little yoga, a little journalling and you should be good to go.

Put a little Oomph back into your relationship

While Beltane is all about getting a little frisky, Ostara is the time to focus on connecting with your significant other. Go out for a hot date, leave love notes for each other and remember to always say I love you. Yes it is easy to let things slip in your relationship. Now is the time to put a little more energy into the relationship and rekindle feelings.

Get your Gardening on

Ostara is all about planting the seeds in order for things to bloom. Doesn’t have to be just literally, but figuratively as well. But let’s chat about the literal for a second.

Now is the time to focus on organic and homegrown food. Prepare and plant your summer flowers as well. A little preparation will help you to feel calm and secure in your gardening skills. I have absolutely no green thumb, so I will take any preparation I can get.

Create a ritual that feels balanced

Ostara (or spring equinox) is all about equal parts of daylight and nighttime. So when creating your ritual make sure you feel balanced. Are you having any stress or negative feelings? Then start off with an invigorating bath with sea salt and eucalyptus. Imagine all the negative energy being washed away.

Use a black candle and a white candle. Also make sure that you have an even number of tools, crystals and anything else for your rituals. Make sure they are spread evenly around you.

Do some activities with eggs

Just like with Easter, Ostara is very very much associated with eggs. So act like a child again and go for egg hunts or naturally colour eggs.

Do some nature based crafts

If eggs are not really your jam (I get that), you can always just do some fun and simple crafts. Build a little terrarium or paint some rocks. Doing things like these will easily make a boring Sunday after a lot more fun. So take a walk around the neighbourhood and see what you can pick up.

Try a little meditation

Since we know by now that Ostara is perfect for new spiritual beginnings, now is the time to start your meditation habits. Now that the weather is warming up, try and get outside to connect with nature during your meditations. If it is not warm enough for you, then try during your meditation imagining yourself going through the life cycle of a flower.

Create an Ostara altar

An altar is a fun thing to have in your meditation or sacred space. Try switching it for every Sabbat. For Ostara you can have different representations for each of the elements, place some pastel coloured eggs or have blue, white, lavendar or black candles on there. Remember to keep everything balanced and equal.

So what do you have planned for Ostara?

Peace, love and creativity