8 Ways to celebrate Beltane

You have your Sabbats that deal with past loved ones, introspection, and new beginnings, and now it’s the frisky and fun holiday of Beltane!

Beltane, known for fertility, abundance, love and sexuality is the Sabbat located halfway between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice. Where you planted the seeds during Ostara, you are tending to those gardens in order to make the flowers bloom! Such you should do with your life as well.

Here are 8 ways to celebrate Beltane!

8 ways to celebrate Beltane
8 ways to celebrate Beltane
8 ways to celebrate Beltane

Have a Bonfire night

Many, many moons ago bonfires were an important part of the Beltane celebration. Sacred wood would be collected by 9 men from 9 different trees, and they would be added to the communal fires. Each household would put out there fires and relight it from the communal ones.

If that sounds like too much effort and you know dangerous since you can’t take the lit sticks home in the car, just have a bonfire and invite your closest friends. A Beltane bonfire is believed to have magical powers, and will help to grant your good health and protection. So choose your friends wisely.

Dance in the morning dew

On the morning of Beltane (May 1st), it was quite symbolic to roll around on the grass when it was covered in the morning dew. Apparently it symbolized femininity, life and creativity. Unless you’re doing some specific rolling around (please tell me you caught that hee hee), I would think of childlike play rolling around on the grass.

People thought that by doing this you would preserve your youth, clear your skin ailments and enhance your beauty.

Not really wanting to make a spectacle of yourself rolling around on your front lawn? Fair enough. If you can cut some of your flowers then do it first thing in the morning and then rub them on your arms and face.

Create a Maypole

Maypoles have been around for FOREVER. To go along with the sexuality of this holiday, people erected (okay no pun intended, but what other word should I have used? lol) these giant poles that would be decorated with ribbons, flowers and greenery. These were all to symbolize inviting growth and fertility into your life.

You don’t need to design a big one. If you would like, then create a small pole and stick it on your altar. Decorate it with colourful ribbons and surround it with flowers.

If you do decide to create a big one in your back yard, then make sure you bring some people over and throw on some soft, sweet music for everyone to dance to while intertwining the ribbons.

The crowning of the May Queen

Want to feel like a queen for a day? Hell ya you do! Who wouldn’t? Create a floral crown made from fresh flowers if you can and walk around in a clean white dress. Bonus points if you go out into public like that. And if you do the Queen wave! Own it!

Weave a Basket

Want to do a throw back to an art long forgotten? Then get ready to get your weaving on. Kids used to make them and then hang them on the doors of friends with little goodies. I like to think of it sort of like an Easter basket. Throw some candies, some flowers and little trinkets in there and leave it on a friend’s porch as a nice surprise.

Create some playful rituals

Beltane is probably one of the least serious Sabbats. So let’s just say there is a lot playfulness within this holiday and no I don’t just mean some hanky panky. So when it comes to your rituals at this time try and be more relaxed with them. Throw some bubbles in there, play some loud music and even dance a little. Find your own groove.

Let your creativity sparkle

Okay remember that creative project you keep pushing back and back because God forbid you have any tme for it. Ya that one. I think I have about 5 of them. Now is the time to get started on it. Brainstorm, visualize and damn it just get started!!!

Connect to nature

Remember those seeds you planted at Ostara? Well get out your watering can, your little shovel and whatever else you will need (I am so awful at gardening I don’t even know what tools you need) and really focus on growing those gardens.

Also now that the weather is getting warmer, take advantage and go outside. If sunshine is not your thing and you’re a vampire like I am then at the very least go out and enjoy the night sky. The point is to take advantage of the warmer weather.

So how do you enjoy celebrating Beltane? Is it on your schedule? Let me know!

Peace, love and creativity