8 New Year Resolutions to Help Embrace Your Spiritual Side

Who is ready for the New Year? I sure as hell am not! I can’t believe that this year is over in like 6 weeks! This past year I have been soaking up all the information I possibly could my hands on when it comes to spirituality. I would hate to find out how much I spent on books on this topic. It wouldn’t be pretty.

Next year is all about putting everything into practice. But where do I begin? What do I focus on? Well here are 10 resolutions/goals that I will be focusing on to push my spirituality to the next level. I invite you to join me!

new years resolutions for 2019
8 New Year's resolutions for spirituality
8 spiritual new years resolutions

Remember that everyone’s spiritual path is different, so my goals may not be the same as yours and that is okay! I just hope that it helps inspire you to create your own list!

Join A Community/ Create My Own Community

Whatever path you choose to go on, it is so much better to find kindred spirits. You may not resonate with everything they are doing, but it is great to find some people to bounce ideas off of or check in and see what other people are working on.

I have found some fabulous groups on Facebook, and they have been extremely helpful this past year. I am even going to create my own group on Facebook next year! Keep your eye out for that! I want to help beginners get started and find kindred spirits.

I also want to find a local community. I am a sucker for metaphysical shops. I love taking their classes and really get to know the people in the shops. I am hoping to expand this and find other people in the community and go to events. The more people I find the better!

So even though you might want to go through this alone, remember that there is power in numbers and finding people with this shared interest will give you a place to talk about practicing. Which leads me to number 2!

Be Open and Honest

I know that not everyone can do this, depending on their situation. However if there is someone in your life you can confide in about whatever your spiritual practice is, then take that opportunity. Keeping things bottled up inside can make you feel alone, and even a little stressed out.

My immediate family knows my love for crystals and are supportive. They may not believe in their energy as I do, but they respect me enough to let me be. My mother and boyfriend know that I have been trying to read on a wide range of topics. No one ever questions it. They just let me do my own thing.

Now I am ready to hold on to that and take the next step forward and let my friends and extended family know. I don’t plan on flaunting it, because I don’t believe anyone should, but I do plan on not hiding my crystals when people come over and being willing to practice different rituals or practices when the situation arises rather than letting the moment pass.

Get Past the Reading and Start Practicing

The small library I have accumulated in the office are on a wide range of topics:different religions, astrology, crystals, moon energy, wiccan practices etc. Now it is time for me to get my head out of the books and to get my hands dirty (so to speak).

You can read all the information you want, but the real magick is in the practice. Make time to focus on at least 1 or 2 different practices this upcoming year. If you are brand new to creating your spiritual lifestyle then I suggest not going with more than 2. You will feel overwhelmed and a little lost. It’s better to be focused and become an expert on a couple of topics first.

Make Meditation at least a Weekly Practice

I know myself well enough to know that when it comes to routine I will not follow one daily. My life is too… not chaotic, but definitely not suited for a stable daily routine at the moment and that’s okay. I’ve made peace with it for now.

I will be happy if I can at least get back into meditating at least once a week. It’s a doable goal and gives me 7 opportunities a week to get it done!

If you are wanting to start a practice, but not sure when you can fit it into your schedule then definitely shoot for once a week! Just for 10-15 minutes and you will see a big difference!

Reconnect to Nature

It is way too easy to fit in front of a computer day in and day out. I have been known to not leave my home for days if I am on a roll. That is all going to change next year! There is a reason why Pagans connect to nature so well and I am determined to hop on that train.

Nature gives off a great energy especially when it is being nurtured. It gives to us as much as we give to it. So now is the time to reconnect to good old Mother Nature. Take walks during all the different seasons. Not many like the S word, but by going out and taking a walk you can appreciate the beauty of each season.

Some other activities to help you reconnect to nature are gardening, go camping and have bonfires. Each one of these are so simple and I am willing to bet that you do some of them already. If not, then now is the time to get your hands dirty!

Get Up Close and Personal with the Moon (So to Speak)

I am a night person more than a day person. Call me a vampire, but I much prefer the energy of the moon then the brightness of the sun. The moon gives off a ridiculous amount of energy, but at the same time I feel so incredibly calm.

This year I want to focus on properly setting intentions, creating my own rituals and soaking up all that the moon has to offer. I suggest you do the same! The odd time I have done it in the past I have felt even better the next day!

Take Better Care of My Crystals

I have a good amount of crystals. I wouldn’t say it’s small, but I wouldn’t say it’s big either (just in case the bf is reading. Hi hunny!). When life gets too busy, I haven’t cleared, cleansed and charged them as much as I would have liked. The only way that this goal and the one before it are ever going to be achieved is if I am diligent, mindful and organized. So it’s time I put these things into my bullet journal! I am looking forward to it.

If you have crystals at home, make sure you take care of your babies. Their energies help you out, so you should help them out!

Dive Deeper Into Astrology

Astrology is complex and crazy, but so intriguing to learn about. So instead of just knowing the basics, I plan on learning more about birth charts, houses, elements and everything else astrology entails. So I guess I will still be breaking out some of the books.

If you have ever been curious about your birth chart then check this out! Sometimes it is a little fun realizing all the different and cool things about yourself. Makes you connect to you a bit more.

Whatever you choose to focus on for the new year, make sure to keep it simple and make sure you are intentional with it. Those two key points are what will help keep you motivated to continue them all year round! What are some of your resolutions for the new year?

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