8 Personality Traits of A Spiritual Misfit

Why did you choose your chosen spiritual path? Not how, but why?

It’s easy to say “ I just chose this path because of…” or “I fell in love with this with this because I believe in…”. But sit down and figure out the back bone of why you chose a different spiritual path then you originally grew up with.

Maybe your foundation just doesn’t jive with your beliefs today.

Maybe your beliefs have expanded into something more profound,

Maybe you want your practices to be more relaxed and a combination from different religions and spiritual paths.

It sounds like you my friend are a spiritual misfit. Don’t worry I am too. And so are so many other people in the world. They just may not know it yet, but they will.

8 signs you could be a spiritual misfit
8 signs you could be a spiritual misfit
8 signs you could be a spiritual misfit

What the heck is a spiritual misfit

I am so glad I pretended like you asked.

It’s easy to say that a spiritual misfit is someone who just wants a mix of spiritual practices thrown together that works for them and in it’s simplest form that definition is 100% true. But let’s dig a little deeper.

A spiritual misfit is the person who ultimately feels like they don’t belong to 1 spiritual path or religion. They can either have a solid foundation or maybe they are still looking. They know that there is more out there and really want to push themselves to find answers that are right for them.

Spiritual misfits create a transformation for themselves that make them a better person. They believe that spiritual practices are will help their personal development, even if others are a bit more close minded about it.

A spiritual misfit may or may not follow a religion and that is totally cool. No matter what they believe in they know that good acts in life and how they carry themselves will help them lead better and more fulfilling lives.

So are you a spiritual misfit? I certainly am. Here is the background on my misfit struggles.

Not fully convinced you are a Spiritual Misfit? Here are some personality traits of a spiritual misfit. See if any of them ring a little true for you! And if you do believe already that you are a spiritual misfit, but that these are not true look really into yourself and take a peek to see if these traits are just hiding at the moment.

Spiritual Misfits are accepting

Even if you are not following the faith or practice that someone else is, you are accepting that is their choice and not yours. You give them the respect that they deserve and they should give it right back. Even if they don’t, you know you can walk away thinking “okay dude I appreciate that this is your life, but it is definitely not for me.”

The life of a spiritual misfit is about recognizing and accepting that your path is a mixture of a bunch of different practices and that maybe there is no “right path”. Maybe all the paths lead to the same destination. Nothing wrong with that.

Spiritual Misfits are confident

Okay you might be reading that one and thinking “nope I’m definitely not confident enough to tell my family yet”. That’s totally cool. That’s not necessarily where your confidence lies. Maybe your confidence lies simply in the decision of “this does not align with me”. You don’t need to tell anyone that. When just making that declaration to yourself is a big deal.

Confidence means different things to different people. You just have to decide what confidence means to you. For me confidence means knowing that my choices have nothing to do with anyone else, but the people in my household. That’s only because we share a space and we both deserve to have out what is important to us. To my fiance that’s video games and pop culture figures. For me it’s those things and crystals. You make it work.

Spiritual Misfits have a spark in them.

Yep, it’s true. There is a great spark in everyone, but spiritual misfits really like to take that passion and run with it. They really push themselves to learn everything they can on their chosen path and more. Why? Because no one is pressuring them to. They get to take an interest in different things and try to see what aligns with them. Best part is, is that they want other people to go through the same thing, so they share their passions with others.

Spiritual Misfits are curious creatures.

When you go through the process of knowing that there are so many unanswered questions out there, you tend to go searching for answers. Misfits are also looking for the best practices that suit them and why they will work for them. So they read and they read A LOT. They try different things and they question everything. Think of it like you moved to a new town. That new town holds a lot of new things, no time like the present to go out and try different shops and such.

Spiritual Misfits have a new sense of appreciation

Misfits have an appreciation and a new lease on life. Why? Because it is like they are seeing things in a new light. They also can appreciate that everyone has their own belief system and that everyone deserves to practice  in their own way. It’s even better when they want to learn different practices from other people.

Spiritual Misfits are Optimistic

When it comes to religions, a lot of people have a lot of strong feelings toward them and not necessarily are all of them good. It could be because of history, or personal encounters. I completely understand that, but in order to move things forward in a more positive way, you will find spiritual misfits will be more optimistic and strive to make the future better and to turn people’s opinions around. No sense in focusing on the hurt in the past if we can make things better in the future.

Spiritual Misfits are Creative

We sort of have to be. In order to create a spiritual practice that works for you, you have to get a little creative on how to incorporate it all.  When something doesn’t 100% align with you, you will tweak and try new things. You make it work for you and add a bit of your flourish into the mix. Throw a little sparkle on it!

Spiritual Misfits are Open-minded

 Who is to say that your path is the correct one? Who is say that mine is? No one ever truly knows. Maybe there is a real true path or maybe it’s a mixture of different paths. We will never know for sure, but it’s nice to have faith in something. If you are a spiritual misfit, you might be open-minded and intrigued by other paths and see how other live in faith. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

So do you think you are a spiritual misfit? Do you think that you have these personality traits? What about other ones? Let me know!!!!!

Peace, love and creativity