8 Meditation Tips to get you Meditating Like a Pro

Can’t meditate? Maybe you got it in your head that meditation is just not for you? I get that. I have told myself the exact same thing. Then I stopped listening to what everyone else told me to do and I finally figured out my own way of doing things. Then everything became just a little bit clearer for me.

So here are my favourite meditation tips to get you started.

meditate like the pros
Meditate like a pro
meditate like the pros

Add a bit of yoga to the mix

When I can’t seem to shut my mind up I add a bit of yoga so that I can focus on the positions and less on my to do list, what my fiance is doing, what the animals are doing and anything else going on in my life. Having to remember what position I should go into next usually makes me feel a little calmer and yet a little more energized.

Change your Scenery

Who says you have to meditate in your bedroom, in your meditation room or in a park surrounded by flowers? Sometimes it’s the least likely of places that can create beautiful meditations.

Sometimes I show up ridiculously early for work and I sit in my car and just meditate for 10-15 minutes. Close my eyes, lean back and just relax. It is the best way for me to get in the right mind space for the day ahead.

Sometimes, actually who am I kidding all the damn time I love to sit in the shower. I love to sit, close my eyes and just let the water flow right over me. It’s almost the best feeling in the world. Plus if you’re lucky no one will bother you and you have 15 mins of uninterrupted meditation time. Glorious!

My point? Choose a place you wouldn’t normally go to and try meditation there.

Meditate at night before bed

Screw the morning meditation routine. Why get frustrated every morning, because your meditation is just not flowing right? Try it at night just before bed and then that way you are completely relaxed for bed and ready to go to sleep.

That way you have a deeper sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to to move ahead the next day. It’s a win win situation!

Find a soundtrack that works

Some people use guided meditations, some use silence and some like music. I definitely choose option 3. In fact my go to soundtrack is the Nutcracker soundtrack. Generally any sort of classical music is a great option for meditation. Or if you’re feeling a little ballsy, try some hardcore rock. Some people swear by it. I enjoy it, but I really have to be in the mood for it.

Start small and get bigger

Do not for the love of God try and do an hour long meditation session right off the bat. You are just asking for frustration and stress because your mind is wandering and you just can’t shut the heck up. Instead go with 5 mins. Just 5 mins.

If you need to start even smaller, try just one minute at a time through out the day. When work is getting too stressful take a quick trip to the washroom and just stand with your back against the wall and let the coolness come over you.

Don’t start a daily practice. At least not right away

Okay so this might be an unpopular opinion. Everyone says that good habits are made on a daily basis. They are definitely not wrong. But sometimes though you look at these habits with a groan and just don’t want to do it. Then you get frustrated with yourself and end up in a horrible cycle.

So start by doing it when you need to. Because you want to. Realize how much different you feel because of it. Appreciate it. Sooner or later you will inevitably start doing it every single day.

Practice a little Gratitude

It is super easy to think about your day, get frustrated at a person or get annoyed at the sounds around you while you are meditating. Instead come up with 3-5 different things that you are grateful for. Practice saying thank you during your meditation and you will see a difference in your mood while you’re meditating.

Focus on breath, smells or song

Have you ever stared at something and got totally lost in thought? Ya you have. You can do the same by focusing on your breath, a certain smell in the room or the song that is playing. Get lost in the thing you are focusing on and your meditation will go a heck of a lot smoother.

Meditation is not meant to frustrate you. It is meant to calm you. So do things your way and enjoy!

Peace, love and creativity