7 Reasons Why You Need to Have a Libra In Your Life

Welcome back to the next installment in the zodiac series! It’s time to learn about Libras! Let’s dive in to see why you should have more Libras in your life. Sadly after learning more about them, I am a little disappointed to realize I don’t hang out with any Libras!

Libras are fabulous
Libras are fabulous
7 reasons why you wish you were a libra

Libras are willing to do anything to keep you happy

This sign just wants everyone to be happy. While their actions may be a bit questionable at times, they have good intentions. They can be charming and sweet and can adapt to any social situation. That being said, they are willing to tell a few white lies in order to keep people happy, but they try to keep the peace between everyone.

They are true romantics

Libras love love. They want to be in a long lasting relationship. They are willing to put in the work and the charmer in them still wants to surprise their significant other with little acts of love long after they have been married for years.

Just make sure to keep the drama down to a minimum. Libras prefer to keep arguments at bay in their relationships. They would much rather show their affection in other ways. When arguments arise Libras will try to compromise or distract from the argument, just to keep the peace.

Libras will make your world look better

For Libras, aesthetics are everything. They are willing to put in the effort to make themselves look good and go into careers that help make the world look a little prettier. They have been known to be:

  • interior designers

  • graphic artist

  • fashion designer

  • beautician

Libras are more relaxed and appreciate more of an easy-going lifestyle.

Want to leave the drama at the door? Then hang out with more Libras! They are more focused on backing away from confrontation and drama and only want to hang out with those who are not willing to bring it in their lives. Maybe Libras live longer because they refuse to let themselves get all stressed out with petty little things. Who knows!

They are the Ideas People

Libras are always thinking. They love to come up with lots of ideas. Because Libras are so good at looking at all sides of a situation they can’t just look at one idea. Nope, they have to come up with multiples. Don’t think that they are just willing to come up with the ideas and that’s it. Heck no! These bad boys are willing to take their ideas and turn them into action. Sounds like these are the people to keep around you at all times!

Being social comes second nature to them

This sign loves to be around people. They are willing to do whatever it takes for their friends and don’t just drop them like an old outfit. These people are all about long-term friendships and still have a lot of their childhood friends.

Some friends like to tease and embarrass one another, that’s not the case for this sign. Nope, they are much more willing to take care of their friends and build them up rather than tear them down. Just bare with them because they will be indecisive more often than not. It’s that silly part of their brain that controls their numerous ideas. It’s both a gift and a curse.

They are the right people to take to a concert

Boy, do Libras love their music. They are willing to just stay home and listen to music, go to a concert every Friday night and to a nightclub on Saturday night. They have great taste in music too! Their taste in music is quite extensive and they have the collection to prove it. But it’s not just listening to music that they love. Nope, they can give you the history and fun facts on most bands that they listen to.

Libras are not just all about the music. They love anything to do with the arts. They love seeing plays, musicals, operas, and ballets. They are also known to wander a museum on a Sunday afternoon. If this something that you are interested too, then be prepared to have long conversations with the Libra in your life.

Now here is why having a Libra in your life can be a little difficult, but hopefully, you can look past it!

They are willing to go into debt

Going to shows, concerts and galleries does not come cheap. This is one of the reasons why a Libra will not always be the greatest at holding onto the money. They are used to a certain lifestyle and when they grow accustomed to it, it is hard to break the cycle.

That is not to say though that Libras aren’t willing to work hard for this lifestyle. They believe in working hard and playing even harder.

Libras can go into a deep depression from time to time

Everyone has their down periods. Anyone who says otherwise is probably lying. If not then share your tips with me! With Libras though they really seem to hit these depression periods hard and sometimes struggle to get out. Get them some space, but not too much because too much alone time will drive a Libra mad!

They may seem like a know it all

Libras are very smart, and sometimes they are not afraid to show it. They enjoy learning everything they can about a topic and are quick to debate on the subject. They may not like disagreements all the time, but OMG do they ever like to debate and know off their knowledge. So make sure to come prepared!

So does this sound like the Libra in your life? Maybe you are starting to realize how true some of these points really are! Let me know in the comment section!

Peace, love and creativity

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