7 Reasons Why Everyone Wants To Be A Leo

Happy birthday to all the feisty, but lovable Leos out there! Let's shine the spotlight on you today! Here are 10 reasons why everyone wants to be you!

1 Your bold Personality

There is a reason why the symbol for Leos is a lion. Leos are not born to little kittens, but rather strong, domineering and self confident lions. There is nothing wrong with that. In face it's fabulous!  

Leos are very strong willed. There is no sense in trying to push these guys around. You will lose. They are also completely independent. They know how to survive and are determined to make a name for themselves in the world.

There is a great energy about Leos. Yes at times they can be dramatic or impulsive, but they are also quite intelligent and are natural born leaders. 

Happy Birthday Leos
7 leo fast facts
Happy Birthday Leo

2- Leos are meant to be leaders

Speaking of awesome leadership let's talk about careers. Leos can work in teams, but do prefer to work on projects on their own. They love to take the initiative, are hard workers and will stand out.

In order to keep a Leo happy in their job, make sure the job is not boring. Make sure to make them feel appreciated or else they will walk.  The ambitiouse side of them will want to feel irreplaceable. Don't worry though, they will work hard for it.

If they are in management positions, Leos are very good with praising their teams and getting to work hard for the results.

Here are some awesome career paths that you as a Leo should choose:

  • teachers

  • managers

  • CEOs

  • actors

  • dancers

  • lawyers

  • politics

  • public relations

3- Friendships are important to you

Remember when I said Leos are totally independent? That does not mean they are loners. On the contrary, Leos are very sociable people. They are known to have a large group of friends. I told you Leos have a great energy! Everyone wants in on that!

As a friend, Leos will never refuse to help another friend. They are willing to gie youthe shirt off their back. Leos are also loyal and honest, but fair warning, it is sometimes very difficult for them to be humble enough to apologize. Not impossible, but difficult.

4-Leos are not lazy people

Leos are not known for sitting down and doing nothing. At least not for long. They are very active creatures! They want to do things with a bit of pizzazz. Here are some activities that Leos enjoy doing:

  • Dance

  • Acting

  • Art

  • Board Games

  • Party Games

  • Hosting Parties

  • Adventure Sports

  • Going to Concerts

  • Tennis

  • Diving

  • Ice Skating

  • Collecting Antiques

5- Spirituality is important to you.

Leos are very stubborn and are often fixed and unmoving when it comes their values, morals and beliefs. That's fine, because they tend to stick to one spiritual path. Just remember that there is more than 1 spiritual path in the world and others may take a different path. That doesn't mean that they are wrong and you are right. Everyone deserves to choose their own path. 

When choosing their path, Leos really look for the deeper meaning of things. They are constantly looking for answers. They may have large collections full of spiritual books, podcasts and videos. 

Here are some great spiritual activities to try as a Leo:

  • study

  • connection to nature

  • guided meditations

  • retreats

6- you are fantastic organizers

Leos are in a league of their own when it comes to organizing. They are so quick to recognize a problem, analyze and then organize different ways to solve the problem. It’s not just about making lists, but jumping into action to fix it as well.

7- Creativity is your middle name

Leos are all about the arts, whether it is art, music, or acting Leos like to get their creative juices flowing. It doesn’t matter if it’s for work or for play, Leos will always 100% into a creative project.

So whether you are the awesome Leo or you know one, take some time out to celebrate this awesome zodiac sign!

Peace, love and creativity

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