5 Things to Do On a Full Moon... Other Than Howl

You can always tell when it’s full moon time. Energy starts to get weird. People get weird. There is no other way to describe it. It just gets WEIRD.

5 full moon activities
Full moon activities
activities to do on the full moon

Sometimes energy goes way up, and then the day after it’s like you are just riding the full moon hangover, where you’re just drained and all you want to do is lie in bed and eat greasy food and chocolate.

Other times if you work in the hospital like I do, you see an influx in silly accidents by people who don’t necessarily think things through. We always prepare for full moon nights.

Then there are times when the animals start acting loopy and running around and staring off into hallways and acting like they see stuff, when clearly you can’t see anything. That one is my favourite.

My point is, that the full moon is when life gets a little interesting. And it’s a time for you to check in with yourself and make your energy work for you. So let’s see what you could be doing for the next full moon!

Let Go and Let Loose

One of the most important things about the full moon is what everyone talks about: letting go of what doesn’t serve you anymore. But what the hell does that mean? So much to be honest.

Let’s start with 1 example- What have you been working towards this past month? Has it been a specific goal like epic money saving? That promotion that is YOURS? That boost in connection between you and your significant other? Or maybe you just need to amp up your energy? I need a hell ya for that last one!

Maybe you have been working really hard over the last month and you met that goal. You feel fantastic and you want to keep that momentum going, by going on and tackling that next goal. Doesn’t mean that you drop what you just accomplished, because tada you’re done!

Nope, you thank the universe, you thank your source, you thank your God, or whoever you believe in, you release the goal back out into the universe, recognizing that now it is a part of your life and it will help you to be better.

Example #2- Maybe there has been some really big negativity holding over your head lately and you’ve turned into Eeyore. No one wants to play with you, and you can’t seem to figure out why.

Now is the time to figure out where the source of your negativity is coming from. What can you cut from your life that will make you a better person? Is it a certain situation, a certain person, or maybe it’s a place that you are in. Before coming up with 25 reasons why you can’t. Start figuring out how you can. You don’t need to see the entire picture. You just need to figure out the first step. Baby steps will even do. (If you are an Agents of Shield fan you will certainly recognize that reference)

So break out that sage bundle I know you got stashed away, light that sucker up, throw on some music and dance away the negativity in your space. That will help to clear clutter that is blocking your energy. Your energy is sacred and damn girl it’s time for your energy to shine.

Moon Bathe… It’s kinda like sunbathing but without the potential burning

Sun bathing makes you feel warm and fuzzy right? So have you ever thought of lying underneath the moon? I am not suggesting stripping down to your bikini, especially not in the dead of winter, but I am suggesting throwing down a blanket, turning on your ipod and getting ready for to soak up some major energy. See where I am going with this energy stuff?

Your crystals need some energy too

Water needs it, we need it, plants need it and your crystals need it to. So when it is full moon energy time, take the time out so that they can get a little moon love too. Sage them of course, especially if any negative Nancy’s have been handling them lately and then place them outside, on window sills or even on the dashboards of cars. Leave them for the night and get them again before sun rise.

Women’s Circle

If you are lucky enough and willing enough to try it, you should try a women’s circle. There is nothing better than getting a bunch of people in the same area with the same focused energy ready to manifest some epic shit into their lives. If nothing else, you won’t feel alone on your own journey and you can share what has been working well for you and get insight on what to do next.

If you ever been a part of one of these, absolutely share your experience in the comment section below. I would love to hear all about it!

Spend time at your altar

Do you have a little sacred space? I hope you do! Some place where your kids can’t get their sticky hands on it, your significant other would know better than to go snooping, and you feel like a whole new person every time you leave it. If you don’t, then you definitely need to check out my post on How to Create an Altar!

The full moon is one of the best times to go sit near it. Light a candle. Light a few of them. Just don’t burn down the place. Read, meditate, do what you gotta do! I suggest journalling and letting out some stuff. It’s all about the releasing right? So you might as well get started!

That’s just 5 things you can do during a full moon! Just 5! I have even more inside the Magic Moon Mail! If you want to find out even more about it then definitely click on the box, and get all the wicked info!

Peace, love and creativity