5 Creative Ways to Meditate

Can’t meditate to save your life? You try and you try, but no matter how many apps you get, or incense you purchase you just can’t seem to achieve that special connection to meditation that everyone seems to get. OMG do I get that. And it sucks, but it doesn’t have to be. Humans are an interesting group. We have a tendency to over complicate things when really we need to keep things ridiculously simple.

Here are 5 ways I make meditation work for me!

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5 Creative Ways to Meditate

I listen to other types of music.

When you were a kid or teenager, did you ever come home after school, turn the music up real loud and just flop on your bed and just get lost in the music? Okay, it can’t just be me. Raise those hands!

A good song can change your mood from crappy and stressed to feeling awesome as hell.

So when I need to meditate, depending on the mood that I am in, I will throw on some rock, happy hardcore (if you don’t know what that is I suggest you look it up. It is so much fun to listen to) or sometimes it’s just The Nutcracker soundtrack.

Music is meant to help you feel your emotions and walk through emotions. Some let you get angry and push those emotions to the surface. Some let you take your anxiety and breathe right through it.

So figure out what you’re feeling, and choose accordingly. Sit there and focus on the beat of the music. Let it wash over you. Pay attention to the words and just let it move you to the next level of your consciousness. You will come out of it feeling 100x better.

Shower time is personal time

I do it in the shower. I am sure if you try hard enough you can do it in the shower to. Meditate that is. Get your mind out of the gutter. Showers are a great time to meditate. If you’re lucky enough no one should be bothering you, so this is a great time to get a quick meditation in. And it’s so simple too.

I am sure we have all just stood under the shower head and let the water flow. If you haven’t, then girl you are missing out on the best part of a shower.

I personally sit in the shower and just “chill”.

But the next time you are sitting or standing in the shower, get right under the shower head. Focus on how the water feels against your skin. Imagine it washing away any negativity that is going on in your head right now.

The more conscious you are about the water, the more relaxed you will feel.

I connect to the elements on a regular basis

If there is one thing I absolutely love to do, is connect with the elements. Fire, water, air and earth. We really should get connect with them each and every day. I don’t think a lot of people realize just how important they are for our sanity really. So here are some ways to meditate with each element.


Well we already know that showers are a great place to meditate, but also a good solid swim in the ocean, lake or pool will also do wonders for you. Or if you’re as cool as Percy Jackson you can attempt to just sit in the pool and meditate, but since I am sure you can’t hold your breath like he can, I suggest not sitting in the bottom of the pool holding your breath.


It can be as simple as sitting with a candle and staring at the flame meditating or you could go bigger. But be smart people. Fires can get out of control extremely quickly, but I am sure I don’t have to tell you that.

No, I am talking about bonfires. Sometimes when have a fire, it’s nice to close your eyes and just feel the heat on your face. Lots of people love to just sit by the fire and just take it all in.

I am sure if you are a fan of bonfires, you already do this. You just never realized it. So just take the time to be a little more intentional. That is one of the most important things, be intentional.


Think you can’t meditate with the element air? Think again! It’s as simple as sitting in the park, or in your backyard, closing your eyes, and just feeling the wind on your face. Sounds a little glorious right?

Another way to work with this element? Time to work on your breathe work. We take breathing for granted, when really we should be a lot more intentional with it. It’s time we start doing that.

So just sit in your comfy spot and just take some deep breathes and hold for 3 seconds before exhaling. Don’t worry if your mind is still racing, it will slow down. Just continue to breathe and by the time you are down you will feel so much better!


I would much rather walk in bare feet than in shoes. I feel like people see me more often walk around with no shoes rather than with shoes. Not in town though that’s gross.

But if I am in the park, at the beach or around home, you bet your ass I am bare foot. Why? Because feeling the grass under my feet allows me to connect to something that is way bigger than me. It feels fantastic.

So while you’re out there connecting and meditating with air, just remember that you are killing two birds with one stone. So kick back and relax.

Grass in your toes not your thing? Ok cool. No problem. How about a hike? What about a walk along the beach? Maybe a jog around the park. No bare feet necessary. Or gardening is a great meditation time as well! The possibilities are endless!

I connect with all different types of weather

It’s easy to meditate out in the sun. It’s probably everyone’s favourite type of weather. How about meditating during a rainstorm, or even when it’s snowing? Ok maybe it’s outside your comfort zone to stand outside when the weather is a little dark and dreary. How about sitting in the car or sitting by the window?

There is a lot of energy that comes from a rain or snow storm. So now is the time to soak up the energy!

Hobbies are great for meditation

Another reason to get a hobby? Not like you really need another reason. Come on hobbies are fun! But it’s also great for meditation.

There is a reason why knitters, cooks, metal smiths, writers, painters and a long list of other people are in love with their craft. They describe it as being “one with the craft”. Their craft is an extension of themselves. They can sometimes go for hours and not even realize it, because they zone out.

They found a way to create a little meditation for themselves in a way that works for them.

Maybe we should all try to take a page out of their book and find a way to connect with meditation that works for us.

Until next time!

Peace, love and creativity