The 3 Rooms You Need To Add A Little Spirituality To

I’ve said it before and I will say it again. When it comes to your home, it should be a fortress, a sanctuary, a sacred space for you and your positive energy. No negative energy shall pass.

We spend hours analyzing patterns, paint samples, furniture choices. We want to make sure that we make our homes as pretty as possible. But have you given any thought to the energy to the room? How about adding a little spirituality? A little juu juu if you will.

Let’s see how you can add a little spirituality into your home! But first check out this blog post to make sure you know how to cleanse it.

Alright let’s look at 3 different rooms you can add a little spirituality to.

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Living Room

Alright let’s start off with the second most popular room to hang out in. We’ll get to the first in a little bit.

When it comes to your living room how do you feel about it? My previous living room was over cluttered with nerdy stuff. It’s really hard to live together in a 1 bedroom apartment when you it is over run by board games, video games, action figures, and anything else nerdy you can think of. The energy just did not flow.

If you are into feng shui then an easy tip is to make sure there is at least one easy and major pathway from the living room to the next room. It is suppose to promote positive energy flow. Think it sounds silly? Have you ever hit your baby toe on the edge of the couch or table? How did your energy feel then? I rest my case.

Since the living room is where you will probably spend most of your time you will probably want to place amethyst and tourmaline around the room to create a protective grid. Black tourmaline is good for the window sill and amethyst is perfect on end tables. Try and keep a piece on both end tables so that it creates a balance in the room.

Plants are not my area of expertise. I never acquired the green thumb. Honestly gardening stresses me the heck out. It’s all because of the worms. But I do like the idea of having plants inside. They seem less high maintenance. Or am I crazy? Anyways I found this great article for indoor plants and how they can help your home. Check it out! Try and keep them along the east wall of the living room so that it can promote good health.

The Kitchen

Oh the beautiful kitchen. Where everyone seems to congregate when they come over. That is a lot of different energies from a lot of different people in one space.

When it comes to feng shui make sure everything in the kitchen works, keep your stove clean and make sure all the like items are stored with like items. Remember you want the flow to pass freely, rather than let a negative energy just sit there like stale bread.

There is a reason why there is such a thing as a kitchen witch. They know exactly how to create recipes with intention and know exactly which herbs to put in each meal to maximize their intentions to the world. They know that:

  • If you want money in your life then cook with basil or dill

  • If you want to be in good health then cook with allspice or chamomile

  • If you want protection then cook with cinnamon or bay

Even if you do not practice witchcraft, you should still keep a lot of herbs in your pantry. There has been a lot of herbs that do have scientific proof behind it:

  • chamomile for calming anxiety

  • aloe vera for burns

You can also set up a little kitchen altar. Maybe put on some flameless candles. Set out a bowl of lemons to keep negative energy away. Also keep blue apatite (to not over eat), rose quartz (always add a little love to every dish), and orange calcite (add a little joy to the home) near by or in your altar.

The Master Bedroom

Oh here is the best room in the house. Or at least it should be because this is the room that is 100% yours and really no one should be allowed in without your permission.

So this should be the room that is treated with the most care and with the most intent. So let’s get to it.

One of the most important things to have in the bedroom is balance. Make sure that the bed is accessible on both sides. Focus on the same items on both night stands. Make sure it doesn’t have a masculine energy over a female energy (or vice versa). It needs to seem neutral.

When it comes to crystals for the bedroom you want to have crystals that promote love and protect you from outside forces. So keep amethyst and rose quartz on both night stands. Then place black tourmaline around the room (specifically in the 4 corners).

A Himalayan Salt Lamp is perfect for the bedroom. It will help you sleep better at night, reduces allergy flare ups and increase your mood. Sounds perfect and since reading about it, I think I will be adding one to my room. Maybe it will help with the headaches in the morning. That would be freaking fabulous.

So I suggest you go and see how you can add a little spirituality to your home this weekend. I think I might do the same.

Peace, love and creativity