14 Reasons Why You Wish You Were A Virgo

Next up on our Zodiac wheel: Virgos! If you have Virgo in your life (like I do) here are 14 reasons why you might be jealous of them!

They are the people who get s**t done!

Virgos are known for many things. One of them specifically being the fact their jobs mean everything to them. They are extremely hard workers and define themselves through their work. They focus so much on the task at hand and will complete it to their best of their abilities. Definitely hire more Virgos if you want the work to get done!

14 Reasons Why You Wish You Were A Virgo
14 interesting virgo facts
14 virgo facts

The positive sides of their personality

These sweet and gentle Virgos are known for more than their hard work ethic. They constantly have high energies and are known to have a witty come back waiting for any opportunity. They are also willing to help out anyone and are sympathetic if you need a shoulder to cry on.

They can be the best friend you have always wanted.

While sometimes Virgos have a hard time expressing their feelings, they do make awesome friends. They are loyal and kind and are willing to help, even if you call them in the middle of the night. All they ask is that you are willing to do the same. Oh and if you could keep the drama out of the relationship that would be good too.

Virgos are extremely selective when it comes to choosing friends so you will never see them in a big crowd. Rather they focus more building and nurturing the relationships that they have already in order to make them flourish.

They are fantastic money savers

There is no need for immediate gratification with this sign. At least when it comes to money! Virgos know that you can buy better things or take trips when you save a bit of money. They are the sign that will most likely wait for a sale or wait until they afford it, before purchasing something. No sense in getting into debt.

They are the collectors of things

Virgos see the beauty in a collection. They will set up a beautiful area in their home to show off their prized possessions. After reading about that one I had to laugh. My brother is a Virgo and has a collection of hockey jerseys and hats. The boy literally swaps out his hats for his toques in the winter time. Now it all makes a little more sense.

Virgos are your go-to hands-on hobbyist.

Not really your average sports player, this sign mostly focuses on hobbies that either push their brain to the limit or is completely hands-on or both! They need to focus on something instead of just sitting on their butts. Here are some ideas that Virgos like to do:

  • playing with technology- taking things apart and putting them back together

  • taking self-improvement courses

  • cooking

  • gardening

  • reading

  • very detailed projects- painting models, crafts, building things

Risk taking is not in their nature.

Virgos crave stability. Not to say that they don’t have big goals, but they are needing to assess all the different risks, options and results before even considering taking a leap. I don’t know about you, but I need more Virgos in my life to counteract the crazy decisions I make. BTW I am a Gemini, you can just imagine what my mother had to deal with while I was growing up. Haha!

They are quick learners

Virgos have been known to pick up things very quickly. Especially if it is a topic that interests them greatly. They take pride in their studies and want intellectual stimulating conversations. Growing up they always appreciated talking to an older crowd because they could learn from them and also felt like they were more on the same intellectual wavelength than the kids their age or younger. This also helped them become better public speakers as they grew up.

If you have a Virgo child keep lots of books on hand and introduce them to lots of shows that are stimulating their minds. This is so true! My brother could watch Thomas the tank engine all day if we let him, but showing him the show Mighty Machines made him excited to learn about all the different types of building machinery out there. Does anyone remember that show? Please tell me I am not that old, the show was only 17 years ago. Ugghh that’s awful.

They know all the best places to go and eat!

Yes, that is right, Virgos are always on their A game when it comes to going out, especially for dinner. This goes right back to the topic of saving money. Virgos are not willing to waste money on crappy food. That will just tick them off. So they do their research in search of hidden gems, popular hangouts, and fine dining! Call the Virgo in your life if you need recommendations ASAP.

Virgos are timeless

This is especially true when it comes to their wardrobe and style, Rather than jumping from trend to trend, they will continue to look stylish in the functional, but fabulous clothes. They are also the type of people to make sure everything is colour coordinated.

Why is it that my brother seems like the poster boy for being a Virgo? His tracks have to match his sweater, which then has to match his hat, which of course has to match with whatever sports team he is choosing to promote that day.

They always seem to have it going on

Never doubt a Virgo. When they take matters into their own hands, they will always have the situation under control. They are so level-headed and logical that they can see through any problem and can get to the solution quite quickly without having to be flashy or in your face about it.

They are the list dominator!

Ya, that’s right, they devour lists like crazy. It’s the only way they get stuff done during the day and there is nothing wrong with that! They don’t go crazy with their to do lists though adding 20 items to their lists. Nope, they know what they have to get done and are wanting to get it done as efficiently as humanly possible.

Their career choices are fantastic!

Virgos are great, especially in the medical industry. Their attention to detail and organization is very helpful in the following career fields:

  • pharmacist

  • Dentists

  • Nutritionist

  • Scientist

  • Statistician

  • Linguist

They are an awesome earth sign!

Ok, what does this mean? Earth signs are all about stability. They like to use all of their senses in order to understand the world around them. Virgos, in general, like to learn about the patterns behind all situations and their outcomes.

They make for great lifelong partners

Virgos are not known to be a hit it and quit it sort of sign. They much prefer to stay in long-term relationships with a healthy sex life. Since they have a high standard for just about anything, don’t think that won’t apply to their relationships as well.

Communication is very important to Virgos and not just about feelings and simple topics. No, they want to talk about important things and have in-depth conversations.

Virgos are not known for talking about their feelings. It doesn’t mean they that are robots. It just means it’s a little more difficult to be intimate in that regard.

So after reading this, are you a little bit jealous of the Virgos around you? Maybe you can appreciate them a little bit more! If you are a Virgo did you find this accurate?

Peace, love and creativity