10 Ways Scorpios Keep You On Your Toes

Ahh Scorpio, the most seductive of signs. Which makes me the luckiest Gemini in the world to be dating one! Yay me! Are you lucky enough to have a Scorpio in your life?

Here are reasons why you should kiss your lucky stars that you have a Scorpio in your life! Or if you are a Scorpio then appreciate all that you deliver!

10 reasons you wish you were a scorpio
10 reasons you wish you were a scorpio
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They are Charismatic AF

Scorpios can charm just about anyone! Look at it as manipulation if you must, but these people are going places! They are quite intuitive and can work a crowded party like no other. They will also introduce you to the best people and make you feel at ease standing right beside them.

They can solve just about any problem.

Scorpios are fabulous at ignoring all the noise, and getting to the root of any problem. Their problem solving skills are like no other. A Scorpio’s stubbornness actually works in their favor here because they are 100% determined to fix the problem at hand.

Don’t believe them when they tell you they can’t solve the problem, they will continuously think about it without you realizing. Just don’t be surprised if they wake you up in the middle of the night with the solution at hand. I told you they are stubborn.

They are Social Butterflies

Scorpios love going to the bar and night clubs (I can attest to that). They love being seen and feel the need to mingle with others. If they could they would be out every weekend. Scorpios definitely believe in the work hard play hard motto. There is nothing wrong with that!

They are constantly trying to better themselves

Self improvement is a major focus on their mind. Scorpios constantly want to move forward in life and are looking for new ways to do that. They are willing to read self help books, take courses and create routines to make themselves better.

This also means that Scorpios will surround themselves with people who are going to make them better. Hence where the charisma comes into effective. Scorpios are willing to do their homework to find out who will take them to new levels!

Their Intensity Makes Them Mysterious

Besides a level of stubbornness that is unmatched, Scorpios are incredibly intense. They feel more deeply, but also keep a lot of those feelings to themselves. That is, until they are ready to blow up and burst. So here is your fair warning. If you poke the bear be prepared to run. The more you poke, the bigger the burst.

But Scorpios also love intensely. Yes it may be difficult to know a Scorpio at the beginning of the relationship, but it something you may have to break though if you want to stick around. Scorpios are known to always keep something secret because they are afraid of being 100% vulnerable.

It’s a tough wall to break, but if you manage to get past it then you are golden! Just remember, Scorpios are willing to love intensely, but they are also expecting the same in return. If you know you can’t give as much as you take, then there is no point in starting a relationship with them.

They Have Fabulous Memories

You can take this as a positive or negative. I know I do depending on the situation. A Scorpio’s memory is especially great if you mention liking something in passing. They are more likely to remember that when it comes to birthdays or Christmas. Trust me on this, it’s true. One Christmas I received the missing two (first edition copies) of the Harry Potter series. I don’t even remember telling him that!

On the negative side of the fabulous memories of a Scorpio? They will remember parts of arguments that you have no recollection of! So pay attention to your discussions and arguments.

Loyalty is important to them

If you are lucky enough to be in their circle of friends, then expect them to be 100% loyal to you. Friendships are very important to this sign and they treat their close friends like family. You are always welcome at their house, and they will play the part of an excellent host!

A Scorpio will always be generous with their time, advice or even material things. Just don’t think that they will just roll over if they think you’re walking all over them. Trust me, they do not take things lying down. It will come back to bite you. There is a reason why Scorpio has the scorpion sting. They will be ruthless if they even suspect they are being taken advantage of.

They love taking things apart

OMG this is so incredibly true. My bf builds his computers about every 5 years. Unless something magically “breaks” and suddenly he has to buy a new part. I swear though he has more fun taking apart his computer and then putting it back together, then actually playing his games. He will spend HOURS going over it!

So if you are not tech savvy like myself, or you want to keep them occupied for a few hours, then definitely get them to take apart a piece of tech and let them go have their fun! Trust me it’s worth it to see the smile on their face afterwards!

They are fantastic at Escape Rooms

Okay so remember that problem solving thing I mentioned earlier, well that makes them the perfect partner for escape rooms, mystery games and other fun activities like that. They are great at putting clues together like pieces of a puzzle.

They are super competitive

Okay I am putting this one because if my bf reads this, he will laugh knowing exactly what I am taking about. A little competition never hurt anyone and Scorpios look at it as making themselves better. So if you issue a challenge definitely expect them to show up and make you work damn hard to beat them.

So if you don’t have a Scorpio in your life right now, I have just one thing to say to you: GO OUT AND FIND ONE! They’re fabulous! Let me know what the Scorpio in your life is like!

Peace, love and creativity