10 Signs You Are Having A Spiritual Awakening That Might Not Be 100% True

One thing that drives me bonkers, is when people make generalizations. It drives me up the wall. Everyone is different. Everyone comes from different backgrounds. Everyone goes through life differently. So it bothers me when I see posts on Pinterest saying “20/30/40 signs you are in the midst of an awakening”. Then I read these signs and think well that’s not exactly true. At least not for me.

Before we start though, what is a spiritual awakening?

In one sentence, a spiritual awakening is becoming increasingly spiritually aware of the world around us. But let’s dive a little more into that. During this awareness, we might be questioning different practices and teaching. We might be moving into a different path altogether. We might dive more spiritual study so intensely that forget about everything else. We might change our lifestyles to fit our new views. Have you noticed I said might a lot?

That’s because it is different for everyone. It’s an intense and fun ride that has it’s ups and downs, but its a transitition so awesome that when you come out on the other side you will have learned a lot about yourself.

So here are 10 signs you are having an awakening… or not.

spiritual awakening
spiritual awakening
spiritual awakening

1 You feel as if you have been living a lie.

Not necessarily true. Whatever beliefs you have been brought up with can be thought of like a foundation. Yes, you might think that the stories you were told were false, but the lessons you learned are real. Or, as I have, you might realize that there is something MORE to it all.

Maybe one path is not 100% right, but neither is another, but maybe there is some truth in everything.

2 You’re feeling lost.

Sometimes a spiritual awakening can happen in a time of tragedy. Something horrific happens and you question the very existence of humanity, or of the God (or higher power) you follow. I have been there.

When my grandmother died, I froze. I wasn’t mad at God because I understood what happened. I just haven’t been able to step back into a church (other than 2 other funerals) since then. So yes I understand where this sign is coming from.

That being said though, some people choose to leave whatever instilled beliefs willingly. Yes, they go searching for something new to connect with, but they can be excited. Rejuvenated even! There is nothing wrong with that. So it can certainly be a positive thing.

3. You feel the need to be alone more often than not.

This one I just don’t quite understand why (says the introvert who thrives off of alone time). If it’s because the people in your life don’t quite understand the awakening you’re going through, ok I get that. But at the same time, wouldn’t you want to surround yourself with people that share the same beliefs as you?

4. You and nature have become one.

Some people are just not one with nature. Bugs, creatures, and dirt are just not their jam. That doesn’t mean their spiritual awakening is any less important than yours. Yes, some paths are based solely on their connection to nature, but it is not a necessity.

5. Changing of your sleeping patterns.

When it has been shown that we deal with more day to day stress that keeps us up at night or struggling to keep our eyes open the next day, how are we supposed to recognize lack of sleep as a sign of our awakening?

6. Anything that talks about food and weight.

The practice of mindfulness is not a new concept, and it really is a great practice to put into place. It certainly helps with food cravings and curbs gluttony. So yes in your spiritual awakening you might be being more mindful of what horrible things you put into your system and absolutely you should treat your body as the temple that it is. But unfortunately, there are some conditions that make weight loss a little harder to achieve. That doesn’t make their spiritual awakening any less awesome. So just remember in general don’t automatically think that spiritual awakening will be the cure-all for weight loss.

7. Electrical and mechanical malfunctions.

Signs are all around us. Some tell what our next steps should be. Some let us know that there is a spirit nearby. And some protect us from danger. But just remember that not every bulb that flickers and goes out means that something is going on. Unless you know a few go out from different lights. Then it’s about time you deal with that spirit!

8. You are now denying any and all religious beliefs

This one kind of goes back to #1. Some people may go through a very big rebellious stage after turning to a more spiritual path, but not everyone does. Some people (myself included) may not want to follow the “rules” and guidelines and might find that spirituality suits their needs so much better. But at the same time, it’s nice to still follow the teachings and values of the religion you have always grown up with.

It is also quite nice to combine some teachings from one religion to the teachings of another. The great thing about a spiritual awakening is that you are open to how others practice their spirituality. Some of it might make sense to you. Some of it may not. Both sides of it are okay!

9. Your taste in movies and music changes.

Okay, I can see both sides of this statement. As you go through a spiritual awakening, you might find yourself being offended by certain topics in lyrics or movies. Some may bring your vibrational energy down and if that’s the case, then, by all means, stay far away.

On the flip side (as a movie and music junkie myself), if changing your taste in movies or music doesn’t excite you, then don’t change them. There is no rule that says you have to.

10. You don’t judge people so harshly.

Okay so I saw this one and then I found another that said: “you get a sense for what a person is like just by looking at them for a few seconds”. Okay, which one is it? I actually hope that this sign is actually true. I just wanted to point out that you can’t have it both ways.

So why share these? Well because I didn’t want those people who look at these lists of spiritual signs and think that they are not going through an awakening of their own. No one can tell you, that you are not going through an awakening. Only you know for sure!

So what kind of signs have you been going through?

Peace, love and creativity