10 Ritual Ideas for the New Moon

Do you get ridiculously excited about the new year? You look forward to what it brings. You are excited about the unknown, but maybe you realize it can’t be as bad as the year before.

Then maybe if you’re lucky that enthusiasm lasts till maybe June. That’s really if you are lucky. Most people don’t last that long and are wanting a restart by March. I have been there and I am sure you have to.

Well here is your lucky day. I am going to let you in on a little secret.

You get a whole new beginning every month. You just haven’t tapped into that energy yet. But now you will.

New moon rituals
New moon rituals
New moon rituals

Welcome to the New Moon!

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So why is the New Moon so important?

Well for starters, it’s all about the name. New Moon. It’s a little self explanatory. Each new moon brings out a sense of a new beginning. A time to start a new habit. A time to start a new project. A time to create a new dream.

Imagine it like a clean slate. Whatever happened the month before, and whatever you did or did not accomplish have no baring on the month ahead. Sounds perfect right? Whatever goals you set for the new year, can be broken down into each month. What a great way to get re-energized and re-focused on your goals through out the year.

New moons are perfect for manifesting. It’s the perfect time to shoot for the stars (no pun intended just a happy coincidence) and just align yourself with the moon so that you can work towards those big dreams of yours.

It doesn’t matter what dreams you have ahead of you. It could be about a career change, personal development, relationship goals, a new house. The sky’s the limit (I really got to stop that now haha).

The thing about working with the moon though is not that the moon does all the hard work, while you sit back all lazy and such. No no no, that’s not how this works. No you need to make some serious intentional action.

You will need to work on yourself and your goal through out the entire month. Remember to, you can only change you not anyone else. You know, free will and all that jazz.

So then what is the point of setting goals at this time, if you got to do all the work anyways?

Well what is the point of setting new year’s resolutions? It’s all about mindset. When you know it’s a new slate, there is a bit of a relief. You remember that the past is the past and you need to look to the future.

You will not see the new moon since it is all dark, but trust it’s energy is still there.

Here are 10 different ideas of what you can do on the night of a new moon.

Set Intentions

Now is the time you need to sit down and speak about what you want to accomplish in the next month. What do you want to focus on achieving? Here is the catch though, you can’t write as if it hasn’t happened yet. Nope you should be starting each sentence with “I have…”

Be as specific as you can about whatever your intention is. It doesn’t help to say “ I have a new house”. No you have to imagine what that house will look like. Is it big? How many bedrooms? What is your favourite thing about the house? Envision it all!

You might not get exactly what you want that month, but the universe might point you in the right direction. Such as you could save up extra money for a down payment. So when the month is done don’t worry. Look back and see all the steps you took towards your goal.

Have a cleansing bath

Since this is the time for new beginnings, a long cleansing bath will do some good for you. Now is the time to break out the Himalayan salt or Epsom salt. Give yourself a good exfoliation as well and really imagine all the negativity just floating away.

Then picture yourself surrounded by a white light. Keep this light around you and allow it to fill you up. This is your new positive energy needed for the next month.

Brainstorm the heck out of some ideas

When it comes down to it, the new moon phase is the best time for new ideas. You want to use this time to focus on brainstorming, so that when the full moon is out, you will get to the heart and soul of your ideas.

No idea is too stupid, too grand or too weird. Write them all down. They will spark at the very least a little tiny part of creativity and passion within. You don’t have to do them all right away. Nope this is just to get the creative juices flowing.

Do something that makes you feel alive

Is there something exciting you have been wanting to try? Now is the time to do it! During this phase make sure you try to do something that either takes you out of your comfort zone or makes you ridiculously excited.

Meditate like a beast

Okay so now is a great time to start a meditation practice. But before you roll your eyes at me saying “well I can’t do that so I guess this is the end for me.” Well never fear my friend. Check out this post here. I just came up with some awesome alternatives to make your meditation time a little more unique.

So take some time to yourself and soak up the energy. And give yourself a little more credit. You got this.

Either perform or receive an oracle or tarot reading

See what the universe has in store for you for the next 30ish days. What message should you be focusing on right now. Sometimes when you don’t know what to focus on, oracle cards or tarot cards can really push you in the right direction. Even if you don’t understand the message right away.

Work with specific crystals

Really you can work with any crystals that resonate with you, but if you really need to be pointed in the right direction, then here are a few crystals to work with each new moon phase:

Amethyst- Helps with your intuition

Citrine- Helps with manifesting abundance

Rose Quartz- Great for manifesting love and self love

Clear Quartz- This should be your go-to whenever you don’t have any other crystals. Clear quartz is great for manifesting anything.

Perform a little candle magic

Remember those things you are wanting to manifest? Your intentions? Well burning a candle in the colour that aligns with your intentions. Burning a candle allows your intentions to be sent to the universe a little quicker. Want to learn more about candle magic? Check it out here!

Plant those seeds

It can be literally or figuratively. Either way it is a great time to focus on creating something new. If you want to focus on gardening now is the time to plant those seeds!

Sage the heck out of your house

Oh jeez how much negative energy is in your home right now? Have you been having arguments lately? Is there tension in the house right now? If that is the case, you need to start this new moon with some good clean energy in your home. I am not going to get into specifically how, you can find all that out here.

It’s important though that when you do sage your house that you focus on bringing in good clean energy. Focus on filling your home with it.

Now that you know a little more about the new moon, do you think you will spend a little more focused time with her every month? If the next words out of your mouth is “I will never be able to remember those dates”, then you need to check out my new and completely free reminders every month. And it doesn’t stop there. I help you set yourself up for success every month. Come check it out!

Peace, love and creativity