Welcome to the Spirituality section of Creativity Sparkles. I absolutely love this section. Not because I believe in any one thing over another. I believe it all works together. That's what makes life so great. I love this section, because it helped improve my quality of life. As a self proclaimed workaholic I now appreciate slowing down,  learning how the universe works and where I fit in it. Much like creativity and self discovery, no one has the right to tell you how to live your life spirituality. My goal  here is to provide information so that you can enjoy any practices you choose. 


The beautiful things about the universe is that there is so much to learn. Learn about crystals, chakras, the Law of Attraction, and other topics that deal with the metaphysical (or woo-woo if you like). If there is a topic you would like to learn more about then please let me know at amanda@creativitysparkles.com. I would be happy to write about them.

Think you don't need a little spirituality in your life? Life goes too fast most days and sometimes it feels like we can't keep up. By even simply meditating we are able to the slow the heck down and appreciate what is around us.  By connecting with the universe we are able to see we belong to a bigger picture then what is around us. Mind blowing right?



So you want to learn more about crystals? Check out this section here and get a little more intimate with crystals!


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Peace, love and creativity