The Wandering and the Wonderful

Well hello freebird! Fancy seeing you here. You know that you are a Wandering and Wonderful Spiritual Misfit because you are not tied down by social and religious conventions. Instead you like to spend some time learning about all different paths and finding out what works for you. You can certainly find a little truth in everyone’s way of life.

You are also very relaxed about a lot of things. You tend to ignore the “religious office politics”. It doesn’t matter to you anyways. You know that faith, beliefs and values are an internal thing and don’t necessarily have to be shared with others.

Wandering and Wonderful Spiritual Misfits also have a great connection with the earth. Grounding techniques have a way of making you feel at peace. Just like how lots of spiritual paths are intertwined, you know that things on earth are intertwined as well. So it’s important to connect and take care of it on a regular basis.

Some other activities you should definitely try out are:

  • Gardening

  • Taking time to connect with the elements

  • Learning of other religions and paths

  • Meditations during sunrises, sunsets and during star gazing

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