The Bold and the Fabulous

Are you a Bold and Fabulous Spiritual Misfit?

Have you just stopped caring about what other people think about you?

That is fabulous! It means that you are stepping into your own power. You are represented by the element of fire, because you are just too hot in the spiritual zone for other people touch you. You have a fire in your belly for this type of spiritual awakening.

Being this type of Spiritual Misfit means:

  • you are a force to be reckoned with

  • you do not care what other people think of you

  • you enjoy performing rituals and ceremonies even if other people can see what you are doing

  • your values, faith, and opinions are all strong and firm

  • you know that the universe has more in store with you so you plan on working alongside it to utilize it’s power.

  • You may not follow the “rules” but you definitely create a fun spiritual practice that works for you. So throw some heavy metal on (for example), light those candles and get into the meditation zone.

If you are a Bold and Fabulous Spiritual Misfit get your free package to getting to know your bold and fabulous self just a little bit better.