The Sneaky and the Sassy

Welcome you Sneaky and Sassy Spiritual Misfit! You are a fun and magical creature, who prefers her privacy. Your home is your fortress and you definitely do not want anyone’s negativity invading that space. So you keep your diary on lock-down and your prized possessions in your room. There is nothing wrong with that, but just remember no one has the right to dictate how you live your life. You probably also encourage nature walks, star gazing, and swimming so that you can silently say rituals or spells without anyone noticing.

Think of yourself as air. You are there doing your thing, and not letting anyone know what you are up to. That is, until you want to stand up and be noticed.

You tend to keep things pretty close to the chest and that makes you feel pretty awesome. Like you know something that no one else knows. So you like to keep crystals in the bra, doing solo retreats, and have spiritual tattoos in secret places.

Some things you probably enjoy doing:

  • Solitary activities such as morning yoga, intention setting with tea, shower meditations

  • Long walks connecting to nature

  • Hiding crystals around the home in order to protect the home

  • Using witchy herbs in your food

  • Saying prayers before bed

If you are the Sneaky and Sassy type, then check out this guide (packed with lots of great information) to get to know yourself just a little bit better.