Creativity Sparkles

 I truly believe that the spiritual community needs to be more community than competition. So here are some of my favourite spiritual businesses and friends. Come check them out!

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 If there are two things I 100% believe it's community and authenticity. If you plan on building a strong community you need to be authentic. You need to be real. You need to be true.

So when the opportunity came up to be a brand ambassador for Gatherings of a Goddess I jumped at the chance. Why? Because their brand focused more on LOVE, INTEGRITY AND POSITIVE ENERGY.

Anyone can throw up some products and services on a website and call it a day. They can buy things and flip them and make a good sale.

But not these two. Both Ashley and Ren handpick each and every crystal. They put out so much great energy that each crystal is sent with so much positivity and love that it feels like you just got a gift from your best friend.

Ashley also took the time to learn, get certified and really hone into her craft to provide great services. She is a Licensed Crystal Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, and Hatha Yoga Instructor. She knows the importance of creating your own powerful energy and doing it through holistic practices. That is someone who I want in my back pocket when I need to be living better and needing to clear some blockages.

Their next Crystals and chill date is this Friday and Saturday at 9pm est on Facebook. Check them out: