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How to Reconnect to Your Interests

How to Reconnect to Your Interests


It is 3:12am and I can not sleep. Unfortunately some nights I really get motivated with creative thoughts flowing through my head. That usually means I won’t sleep till close to 5am. This is incredibly awful when I have to work in the morning or have a busy to do list to tackle. For tonight though I am turning my motivation into a piece for here.

How many of you are passionate about your job? How many of you are passionate about your hobbies? Are they intertwined or are they on opposite ends of the spectrum?  I love my job, and I loved the job I had previous. They are completely different, but both made me happy in their own way. Am I passionate about either job now? No. I learned lots and worked with great people, but my passions don't lie with them.

 My hobbies are very much all over the place, but some of them are easily becoming my passions in life. Long before this blog and my other one began  I could easily tell you what my favourites hobbies and interests were. Crystals, crafting and cooking. The three C’s. I know that these 3 things make me happy.  So I decided to create something positive that would ignite my passions. That is what I want to talk to you about today.  I want you to find out what your passions are and to create a life that is better when they are around.

In this day and age it is way to easy to get sucked into work, families, relationships and obligations. We forget about ourselves. I am the worst for that. I worked 9 years at a company and got promoted several times. My life was my job and once I left I knew I didn’t have any hobbies to keep me occupied. It took me two years to finally be enjoying my interests again. What has started out as a blog, has quickly moved to an obsession with me and I wanted to do more. I have 2 side projects that I want to complete by the end of the year and now have the motivation to do so.  I will keep you guys updated with those projects, but for now just know that they are awesome!

Here are some tips for you on how to find your passions and how to CREATE the life that you want.

1.       Get your butt up off the couch! Seriously I know that there is a good possibility that that is what you are doing rather than creating the life that you want. Don’t let laziness run your life. If I have to do it, so do you!

2.       Walk around your home with a pen and a paper! Don’t get distracted by all the pretty things, but take a look at common themes in your place. Do you have a lot of homemade items? Vintage items? Collections of items? Make a note as to which items are your favourites. I can walk around my home and see Marvel/DC items, cooking appliances and crafting products everywhere. I know that these interest me. My crystal collection is scattered through out my bedroom. My craft supplies are legit everywhere at the moment. My kitchen is my haven and no one uses my stuff without me knowing!

3.       Sit down and make a list! Sometimes with my lists I enjoy a glass or two of wine to go along with it. It helps to not over think when doing this list. Basically I want you to think about everything you enjoy, want to try, or are knowledgeable about. Don't worry about how crazy the idea is or if it's attainable, just write it down. Try to come up with a list of 50, but if not at the very least 25. It will get tougher as you go along. Be prepared for that.

4. Look to your tribe for feedback and motivation! Look at the people who are in your life. Do they have dreams and aspirations? Are they positive and motivating? Seek out one person. Just one person. Make them your person. Talk to them daily, about what is going on in your life, what you accomplished, what was a setback, etc. Basically you want to check in with them. Don't forget to do the same for them. It is a two way street.  Every day I talk to my best friend about our to do lists, how work is going, and what is going on with each other that day. It is a great conversation that usually lasts the entire day. We get excited when we accomplish tasks, and send pictures when we're being sloths. It is cute and it's fun and it works for us. This is my favourite step.

5. Last, but not least. Get your feet wet! Seriously, stop with the excuses. I am the queen of excuses and if I can take the leap and do what I enjoy then so can you.  You are more likely to do something if you enjoy. It will make you look forward to the next day and to accomplishing tasks. It may  take awhile to find out what excites you, but oh wow is it worth it in the end.

Don't let others discourage you. Sometimes people are negative for the sake of being negative. Listen for constructive criticism and advice on how to propel your creativity and passions forward. This is all on you and only you will reap the true rewards of following your passions.

What passions are you following lately? Are you focusing on what makes you happy? Take some time out for yourself to move forward with your dreams! You can do it!

Peace, love and creativity

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