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How to Get Negativity Out of Your Life... NOW!

How to Get Negativity Out of Your Life... NOW!

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I have a tendency to over think things. Any one who knows me will 100% agree with that statement.  It’s a habit I am desperately trying to break. Why? Because sometimes without me even trying to thoughts turn negative and they can ruin a perfectly good moment.

This is a habit that I try to catch myself from time to time, but sometimes they slip right past me. For instance I catch myself doing this, and then the next thing I know I am now thinking about all the negativity in my life. It’s an endless cycle that is soooooo annoying.

But in this instance I am glad I did this. I realize that there is too much negativity in my life. Not just from me, but from other people as well. While I can’t control their thoughts and feelings, I can control whether or not I need more negativity in my life. I am deciding I don’t.

Why do I need negativity in my life? What does it accomplish? I will tell you what it accomplishes. It accomplishes ruining my creativity.  Seriously it does. Negative talk to you, or negative attitudes in general have a tendency to  stiffle happiness. What’s that saying? Oh ya! Misery loves company!

So while your misery is sitting all the way over here with you by it’s side, your creativity and happiness are those thrown away toys hoping you will come back and play with them *cue puppy dog eyes*. Maybe they’re standing outside your window in the rain just tapping at the window.  Am I making you miss them yet?

So  how does negativity affect creativity?

1-      Negativity brings on other emotions.  Yes negativity can bring on anger at times, and yes sometimes anger is a great initilizer for creativity, but what about the other emotions. Emotions such as depression, anxiety and discouragement are more likely to make you want to get up and go.

2-      Negativity is just plain draining.  There is such a thing as energy vampires. These are the types of people who feed off other people’s good energy and in return they give you their bad energy. They want you to feel as bad as they do, or maybe even worse. Have you ever left someone feeling tired and emotionally unavailable? Maybe you couldn’t figure out why? Well surprise! That is the reason!

3-      It kills your concentration. Ever been pissed off, and you decide to read but you end up reading the same page 3 times and yet you have no idea what it said? That’s because you are so focused on the issue or negative situation at hand. Yes mindless activities sometimes help, but wouldn’t you rather focus your energy into a project that made you happy?


So why shouldn’t you let negativity get you down?

1-      There is enough negative energy in this world. Why do you need to let it in, or even contribute to it? Maybe it’s a hopeless dream, but I honestly think the world would be a much different place if we all had a bit more positivity in our lives.

2-      Negativity=stress=health problems. Do I even need to get into this? No? Okay awesome!

3-      Aren’t those two reasons enough? Do you really need a third?

Finally how do you get rid of the negativity?

1-      Tune it out. Yes it sounds easier than it is, but it is worth a shot. When it really has nothing to do with you, then don’t bother listening. Either change the subject or stop the conversation all together. Be honest as to why and just let the other person know you don’t want to hear it.

2-      Smile more often. Especially at other people. I read a sign once that if you smile at people it confuses them. I say gave it a shot. Have fun with it. It will really mess people up.

3-      Meditate. I am a big believer of this and usually by the end of your meditation you will feel so much better. Plus it’s quiet and if no one is talking to you, you don’t  have to deal with their crap.

4-      Dance it out. Seriously blast that music, be silly and dance your heart out. How can negativity get in when the music is just that good?

5-      Ok here is the big one. If you really need to get someone’s negativity out of your life, and they just won’t let up, then you need to cut them loose. It’s a big step and only use this if you have tried everything else, or their negativity is just  too much too handle. You really don’t need that in your life.  You also don’t need to feel guilty for it either.

So while it is easy to fall into the trap of other people’s negativity, or worse, your own, I urge you to be stronger.   Put yourself, your creativity and your happiness first.

Peace, love and creativity.

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