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Describe yourself.  When you do, try not to use words that describe your titles in life (mother, sister, occupation, wife). While all of those are important, they are not everything you are. Sometimes we forget who are. Now is the time we should be learning about who we are. It changes from year to year and sometimes even day to day. What made us happy 5 years ago may not make us happy now. The important thing is that we constantly learn about ourselves and what makes us tick.

It is not selfish to do a bit of soul searching. It is not selfish to enjoy what makes us happy. It is DEFINITELY not selfish to put ourselves first. When we focus on our happiness, we can be better people for those around us. Remember you are important enough to put yourself first.


In the Self Discovery section of this site, learn about different techniques to get to know yourself better, how to make your life better and be happier. Put yourself first!!


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