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5 Ways To Be Your Personal Bad Ass

5 Ways To Be Your Personal Bad Ass

Self confidence and self esteem  is not something that everyone feels on a regular basis. It breaks my heart, because think of all the things we could achieve if we did have all the confidence in the world. From the time we are children, we took the opinions of friends over the opinions of family. Our families could tell us all the great things about us, but if a friend told us something different we would have a tendency to trust them. I guess it's easier to trust the negative over the positive.

This also can happen when we're adults. People are willing to make fun of others for any sort of reason. I worked in a job, where it was the norm to talk about, insult and poke fun at employees and each other. When did that become acceptable.?

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Now that we're adults  we watch the younger generation go through the same cycle. The cycle needs to end.  We need to show them how to walk around with confidence and be okay with who they are. So what are some ways to be okay with yourself? Here is a list of things you can do!

1- Accept your weirdness.

The best things that make you who are, are the things that make you weird or different. Whether that's interesting activities, talents or just just general interests, make sure to share them with the world. I took Irish Dancing from the age of 9-17. I loved it, but I was bullied and made fun of for it. This was long before Michael Flatley made it cool. Looking back I wish I was more open about it.

Also weird things about me?

- I am a huge Disney fan especially the Little Mermaid

- I enjoy going to raves

- I love to wear bright makeup- I am talking bright pink, blues and purples

- I love to play with crystals

- I love to create theme nights such as 80s night, Turkeyween ( a mixture of Halloween and Thanksgiving) and Jail Break night

- I enjoy wearing mix matched socks. It's a superstition of mine.

All these things I am very proud of. I am willing to tell anyone about. People usually laugh at me, but they also know that I am willing to have fun with my life. These are the things that make me who I am and I love that about me. It took me a log time to  get to this point. I hope you do too.

2-Change your mindset and block out negativity.

Mind over matter baby! Changing your mindset and believing in yourself will make a world of difference. It will help you to have a different outlook on life as well. Having a strong sense of purpose and knowing what is right for you, will help block out negativity. Negative people or "trolls" if you will, have 1 purpose- to make others feel bad about theselves. Screw ignoring them. Focus on killing them with kindness. Show them that no matter what they say, your personality will shine!

3- Follow your passions

Whatever your passions or interests might be, let them guide you. They are what make you happy. No one should ever take that from you. Granted no one can take anything from you that you don't give willingly. Remember that Irish Dancing I used to do? Well I let people bully me about it, so eventually I gave it up. I did not give up my love of dance though. I organized the school dances and went clubbing almost every weekend. Dancing is in my blood and no matter what I wasn't going to give it up. By knowing what your passions are, you ultimately know who you are. Don't give that up!

4- Be a leader

How many times did our parents say it. It's better to be a leader than a follower Or my other favourite- If so and so jumped off a bridge would you? OMG it's like drilled into my skull. But to be honest it was a good thing. I march to the beat of my own drum and choose to make my own decisions. I am proud to say that I have always been that way. I hope that more of the next generation will feel that way too.

5- Learn to laugh at yourself

If we take ourselves too seriously or even life itself, then we will miss out on a lot. We will also walk around with a cloud over our head. That is not how we should go through life.  Instead we should learn how to laugh at ourselves to make our days a little brighter. When we fumble, or make a silly mistake why not have a silly reaction to it. Don't beat yourself up over small things. By laughing at ourselves we can start to look at things from another angle.

These are just 5 ways you can be okay with yourself. I am sure you have some tips as well. I would love to hear them in the comment section below.


Peace, love and creativity




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