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The True Essence of a Morning Ritual and How to Make it Work for You

The True Essence of a Morning Ritual and How to Make it Work for You

Every where you turn lately you will read or hear people talk about morning rituals or routines. Or at least that's how it seems. People such as Hal Eldron (author of the Miracle Morning) have made it their life mission to maximize their mornings. Why? Because successful people have morning routines. Instead of having lazy mornings (oh I have missed those), morning people are generally more self disciplined and logically know that by waking up earlier they will have that extra bit of time to get more done.  Mothers do it because it can sometimes be the only time in the day to enjoy the peace and quiet. Parents have their kids participate in one every morning before school. Savvy business owners and entrepreneurs also do it because they know their businesses depend on it.   

For me I feel like everyone can fit in 3-4 hrs worth of "me time" into one hour and they're ready to go for the day. Everyone except me of course. Though I must admit that in the last year I have developed one habit for the mornings and on the days I do it, it really sets me up for the entire day! Intrigued? Then keep reading!

How to create your perfect morning ritual
Make the Most Of Your Morning
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I Have always been one of those types of people who follow this sort of morning routine:

  1. Wake Up

  2. Pee and brush teeth

  3. Have a cup of tea, read my to do list and check social media

  4. Start day

For me it's a simple 4 step process that I can complete in 15-30 minutes. I am not one of those people who wake up at the last minute, but I do like to get started on my day as soon as possible. That's probably because I have the entire house to myself for a little before people get up.

What I see when it comes to other people is:

  1. Wake Up

  2. Pee, brush teeth, wash face, put on makeup

  3. Have a cup of coffee and a well balanced breakfast

  4. Yoga, running or meditation

  5. Journaling, visualization and setting yourself up for success for the day

  6. Start day.

These people tend to give themselves more time and know the importance of focusing on each of these activities. These people are fueling their bodies, minds and souls and getting them ready to kick ass during the day.

So I really started to give my morning routine the once over and realized something.

I didn’t really realize until recently that I incorporated something into my morning routine without me even trying. And it turns out that it has made a huge difference in how I tackle the day.

While brushing my teeth, putting on my makeup and other mundane things like that instead of reading social media, or having the tv on in the background, I was learning things instead. I was watching to my favourite Youtube channels, reading blog posts and even listening to some podcasts. Anytime I focused on the lesson at hand and I learned something new I was instantly excited and ready to get creative, or even just tackle my day.

How could I not realize that I was becoming one of those “successful” people. I was making it a priority to include a little learning and kicking ass afterwards! Now if I could just get my butt on the treadmill I would be golden.

So even though I thought I was only going through the motions of a 4 step process, turns out I tricked myself to include one more thing!

Why should you focus on a morning ritual?

Ever have one of those days where you just can't get your s**t together? Maybe you shouldn't have gotten out of bed that day? That probably started because your morning went all wanky and things just didn't flow the way they should've.

By having the same routine every morning you can accomplish these 3 things:

  1. Save time. No rushing around, trying to find things and quite possibly forget things at home.

  2. Allow yourself to have a proper night sleep. Might sound counter productive, especially when you have to get up earlier each day, but by not having to worry about everything you have to do in the morning, you can have a sounder sleep.

  3. Set yourself up for success. By getting yourself in the right frame of mind you are ready to tackle just about anything that day. Big presentation? No problem! To do list a mile long? You got that on lock down. Routines allow you to feel more in control over your day.

Should you follow trends when it comes to your morning ritual?

Absolutely not! Unless you actually want to. I love to meditate, but I know from experience that I will spend my time thinking about all the things I have to do instead and I will end up getting frustrated with it and I will spend no more than 5 minutes doing it. So starting off with meditation is not the way I want to start my day. Trends happen for a reason, but some trends don't work for everyone. Instead you should take the time to see what trends do and do not work for you.

What should your morning routine look like?

Quite frankly? Whatever the heck you want it to look like. Everyone's lives are different and we all have different needs. The key to a great morning routine is to assess what you need in order to start off your day. For me, I guess subconsiously realized I needed a little mental stimulation. I thought maybe I needed to release more creativity in the morning, but instead that is better spent at a different time.

Other people need to get their run done and out of the way before they can focus on their day. Some read the newspaper or articles online to find out what is going on in the world today. Point is, pick something because you want it so damn badly! Not because someone else told you to do it, because that is what “successful” people do!

Some things for you to remember when figuring out your morning routine

  1. There is no need to make things complicated. Focus on the activities that are going to help you maximize your day. Simplicity is best!

  2. There is no hard and fast rule as to what time you should wake up at. Find a time that works for you. Also if you think that you want to wake up an hour earlier, but are struggling with it, start with 15 minutes at a time.

  3. If something is not working, do not give up, just try to figure out out something else instead.That means a lot of experimentation. So what things can you try to get you on the right foot for the day?

Your typical morning activities

  • Meditation

  • Gratitude

  • Eat a balanced breakfast- At the very least do this one!

  • Work out

  • Read- Something to help with personal development

  • Journal

  • Visualization

  • Plan for the day

  • Yoga

Here are some not so typical activities to try in the morning

  • Work on a creative project- even 15 minutes every morning to paint, write, craft etc will help stimulate your brain first thing in the morning

  • Work on puzzles- could be crosswords, word searches, suduko etc

  • Call your mother- seriously this one might work for you. My mother called my grandmother basically every morning. Just chit chatting, getting things off her chest and exchanging stories over a cup of coffee was a great way to start her day. I am pretty sure she mostly needed to complain about how horrible her children are. Just kidding mom! Love you!

  • Garden- If meditation is not your thing, then try gardening. It still allows your body to just relax in a calm setting. Plus to see something growing and developing is an awesome bonus!

  • Dance it out- Blast that music and get your groove on. Dancing it out gets your blood flowing and gets your mood elevated. It is the perfect way to start your day.

  • Watch a sunrise- Something about that, truly makes you feel grateful for what's ahead. It seems like anything is possible when you are watching a sunrise. Why? Because you are alive to see another day and that is a reason to celebrate!

Remember, it doesn't matter if you work from home, are a SAHM, or work in a typical 9-5, create a morning ritual that caters to what you need. Sometimes you may only have a limited amount of time, whereas other times you could hours to kill. If that is the case, then I am extremely jealous.  Either way try to come up with a fantastic plan for yourself. You can really get to know yourself by creating your own specific morning ritual!

So what are some of your favourite morning activities? Let me know in the comment section below!

Peace, love and creativity!



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