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How to Make Time For The Fun Stuff

How to Make Time For The Fun Stuff

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A common phrase uttered by people everywhere. I don't have time for that. We probably say that at least once a week. More depending on the week. We have 168 hours in a week and we jam pack as much as we can. School, work, family, significant others, eating, sleeping, errands, appointments, events, friends. So much to do, so little time. Where does ourselves, our hobbies, our interests, our fun come into play?

Here are 7 tips on how to make a little time for you!

1- Make Yourself A Priority

Yes the people in your life are important. Especially your kids, significant others, and family members. But you need to remember that you are important to. The times when we remember to take care of us are usually when our immune system weakens and we get sick, leave school, when we lose a job, get a divorce or other major life events. When that happens we are suddenly left with a ton of open time and we don't know what to do with it. So rather than waiting for these occasions to creep up on you, put yourself first every now and again now. 

2- Learn To Say No

If you are a workaholic (like I was), you may be prone to being the yes girl for all the wrong reasons. You want to succeed in life. You want to be there for everyone. You want to achieve everything. By learning to say no you will allow yourself a little more time. Don't think that because you say no that people will be upset with you.  If someone is, then they do not respect you enough. People have to realize that you have a life and it's important too. 

I really learned that the hard way. I said yes more times than I said no. I spent most of my time at home working on projects for work. I thought saying yes was going to get me places. I was sorely mistaken. Yes I still believe that when you do good work you should be rewarded with promotions and other perks. I just also believe that you don't need to sacrifice your life to achieve it. It's not worth it. 

3- Set Boundaries and Follow Them!!

Boundaries are a great thing to have.  You have to set them for yourself in order to keep your sanity. Why? Because no boundaries=burnout=crankiness= life sucks. Okay a little dramatic, but you get my drift. So how do you set boundaries? 

4- Start Small

If you were given a weekend alone with friends and family around, you might not know what to do with yourself. You may lounge around doing nothing or you might fill your time with  every task you can think of.  If that is what you want to do to make yourself happy then that's great. Be honest though, how often does that happen? So instead of waiting for that next opportunity, start off small instead and give yourself an afternoon once a week to just have time for you.  Having a smaller time regularly can help give you something to look forward to.

5- Change your sleeping patterns

Are you a night owl or a early bird? Does your life work well with either? I am a night owl through and through. That being said though I can accomplish more in the morning than I do in the evening. So for me to complete work I have to make sure I get the right amount of sleep and when. If I have a big day of errands I prefer to get things done in the morning, but then I love to sit back at night and get as creative as I want and just enjoy my night creating things. I try not to schedule both on the same day, because I know I will not be able to give my hobbies my full attention at night. I also know not to stay up late the night before.

When it comes to work, having a work schedule that works best for you can be tricky to get, but at the same time really important. If you are not a morning person getting up at the crack of dawn is going to do nothing, but just upset you each and every day.  By the time you get home you are not going to want to do anything. Instead you will have enough energy to Netflix and chill. Each and every day.

6- Be in the right frame of mind

When setting some time for yourself, is no  use trying if you are constantly feeling like you have a billion other things to do. Your mind will be elsewhere and let's be honest you would rather get everything done on your to do list that way you can sit back and relax afterwards. Unfortunately though there is a to do list for the next day and the day after that. There will always be another to do list and we will always say "I can play tomorrow". Well tomorrow turns into next week or next month. So be forgiving and give yourself some time to enjoy yourself.  Anything that is not urgent can wait for tomorrow. Just when you sit down to do something for yourself, that it is where you want to be.

7- Plan ahead

This coincides with number 6. Plan your week rather than one day at a time. Know when the urgent tasks need to be done and also find that little bit of time where you can just have fun. Let the other people in the household know when your "down time" is. That way everyone is one the same page. Look forward to it and get excited for it! You deserve it!

What are some of your favourite ways to give yourself a little bit of extra time? Do you have any time to spare on yourself? Let me know in the comment section below!

Peace, love and creativity

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