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How to Take Care of Your Mind, Body and Soul

How to Take Care of Your Mind, Body and Soul


It’s funny how your body, mind and soul are all connected. If one breaks down then they all break down. Unfortunately we are usually too stubborn to notice we are taking advantage of all 3 to notice that they are getting burnt the heck out! I have been known for this faux pas and I am sure you have been too!

Here are some fabulous things you can do to really recharge your batteries. These are bigger than bubble baths, working out and 8 hours of sleep a night because that is what you should be doing anyways!

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Sometimes we are so into whatever the day brings us that we do actually clue to how we felt during the day. We’re surprised when at the end of the day we are exhausted and miserable and can’t figure out why. Or a month later we can’t remember what fabulous thing made us ridiculously happy.

Try different things like journaling for 10 mins or just sitting in bed and thinking about the day. Don’t over analyze about that crappy day at work or how you fought with your spouse. Think about them of course, but then let it go afterwards. Always try to end with a happy thought though so that you are not going to bed angry.

Through out the day as well take a minute here and there to take a breath and appreciate what is around you. Lame and cheesy? Maybe, but a little introspection goes a long way. It will help you to be a bit more mindful of your current actions, the situation at hand and maybe just smile at the memories you are creating. Plus a little cheese never hurt anyone!


There is a reason this is becoming a very popular trend. Meditation does wonders for people! And no you don’t need to think that “no I can’t meditate. I can’t shut off my brain”. You don’t need to! Meditation is not about forcing yourself to clear your mind. Thoughts are going to pass through, you just need to let them pass. As in say hello and then goodbye to them.

I am by nature a very all over the place Gemini. I personally can’t shut off my brain, but what I can do is still relax my body into a meditative state which will allow my body to recharge even just for 5 minutes. I feel 100% better after a quick meditation session.

Video Games

Ok give me a hot sec on this one. Okay I am not talking about spending hours upon hours playing (even though my bf would be all over that if he had the chance). I am talking about after stressing over tasks or finishing a huge project it is a good idea to take 15 minutes or so playing a little mindless game.

Concentrating on something all day will make you want to bang your head against a wall. Being mindful is a good thing, but mindless fun is good for the soul every now and again.

Learn something

A fabulous personal growth book, or a quick online course can be a lot of fun to push yourself forward. Learn about a topic that fascinates you. You might be surprised at what might actually interest you. Life is not all about being a workaholic and getting that next promotion (trust me I should know). It should also involve learning for fun. I know I am a huge nerd, but whatever!

Be Passionate About Something

This can go along with the one before it. People stick with jobs that they have no drive for because of the money that they make from it. There is nothing wrong with that (well maybe a little bit), but wouldn’t you rather want to sit at the dinner table and talk someone’s ear off about the awesome new project you are working then talk about how much this work life is kicking your ass and how much you can’t wait till it’s Friday at 5pm.

Giving yourself something to look forward to on a regular basis is not a bad thing. Heck it is not even a selfish thing. It is imperative to our bodies to be happy about something that really gets our motor running. You know all those endorphins and such.

Exercise is Boring. Dance It Out

I am not the type to go running. In fact I find it boring. Not knocking it though because I know that lots of people love it. I much prefer to get music, blast it loud and seriously get my groove on. Yes I am nerdy enough to say get my groove on. Pull a Callie Torres (from Grey’s Anatomy my friends) and dance in your underwear!

Not caring what other people think will do wonders for your mind. Don’t be embarassed to let loose when no one is around! Who can be sad when there is music in the room!

Create an epic morning routine

No point in starting the day on the wrong foot. You know as well as I do that if you have a crappy morning, then your whole day is done. So on top of making sure you eat right and exercise, try to spend a little time doing something that will get your brain ready to go for the day. It can be as simple as doing the crossword puzzle or if you have a bit of time you could do something a little creative, such as knitting while watching the sunrise.

When you get up and go you are not letting your body and mind wake up properly. Then you’re in go go go mode and then by the time you get home from work, you’re ready to crawl into bed and pass out for the rest of the night. Try switching your morning routine and see how it changes your entire day! Want to find out more about making an awesome morning routine? Then check out my post here!

Try Yoga Instead

Not a fan of the exercising world? Yeah me neither, but yoga is where it’s at! A good little stretch in the morning can make your body wake up but in a gentle way! There is a reason why so many people are willing to do yoga first thing in the morning. It really does wake you up, gets your blood pumping and is not a strain on the body!

Pair it with some fun music and you will be in a fantastic mood for work! Give it a try!

Read more

I am one of those people who wishes they had more time to read. It really is soothing for the soul. It’s not that I really don’t have time to read. I am sure I could cut out one of the MANY shows I love to watch with my bf and read instead. We all have opportunities to read more, but we choose to spend that time doing something else. ANYTHING ELSE. I think it’s about time we dedicate some time to read. Even a chapter a day will make a big difference.

So what are your favourite things to do when it comes to recharging your body, mind and soul? I would love to know!

Peace, love and creativity

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