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Hobbies are Imperative to your Happiness!

Hobbies are Imperative to your Happiness!

How a Hobby can save your sanity

You have been up since 6am (maybe even 5am if you are that freakin ambitious and for that I applaud you). You worked out, ate properly, went to work, didn't kill anyone at work (which again I applaud you) and now you're back at home ready to crash. But you are so freakin wound up like a top that your heart is racing and you don't know what to do with yourself. You are STRESSED THE F**K OUT! So what do you do? You my friend, need to get a hobby and need to get it now.

Remember when adult colouring books became all the rage in 2017? You know you do! I have like 4 at home. Well there is a reason for that. We spend countless hours being stressed out during the day (between work, family, friends and obligations) that our minds and bodies can't take it anymore. So when a mindless activity, such as colouring came out, we jumped at the change to see if it helped! Spoiler alert! It does!

Why hobbies are important

Spending that hour or even 30 mins to just be mindless and let our hands do the work, let our minds relax and our hearts to ease up a bit. Essentially it was a stress reliever! We all know what happens when we have a lot of stress in our lives. There is more of a chance of heart problems. Heart attacks and other heart conditions are a pretty serious thing guys. Come on ladies, let's save those hearts!

This is why we need to find hobbies to help calm us down.  Reading, writing, playing, drawing are all things that we can do to help not only lower stress, but to boost our happiness and energy levels. I say that is a win win situation.

Another reason why you want to jump on the hobby train? Wouldn't you rather be able to drift off to sleep easier than tossing and turning all night? By spending some time on your hobby, just before you go to sleep can help you to relax and have  more pleasant dreams then anything else. No scientific fact, just helps for me!

Are you the type to go home after work and be Miss Cranky because you had to be nice to everyone else? Ya I used to be Queen Cranky because my life was my work. Once I was able to enjoy what made me happy I found I was less cranky with everyone else. My family thanked me for it!

Don't think you have time to add a hobby to your day? Here are somethings to think about:

1- A hobby doesn't need to be an every day activity. Start off with once a week. Maybe a house league sport, or an art or dance class. Something that you can look forward to all the time. When you have time, or are bored then you can break out of routine and do more!

Fun hobbies

2- Thinking you don't have time for anything is usually a mind trick. I say stand up and trick your mind instead. Don't feel guilty because you took a bit of time to do something you wanted to do. Your house won't burn down (well it could if you're not being fire smart), and the world won't stop spinning just because you did what you wanted.

3- Do you really want to look back at your life and think why didn't I? When we make it to retirement, do you want to look back with regrets? Wishing that you had more fun in your life? I am going to guess probably not. I don't blame you. No one should get out of this world with any regrets. Enjoy your life now!

What kinds of hobbies should you do?

Well that's a pretty general question isn't it?  That's like asking, "what colour should I like?". No one can really answer that  except for you. But there are some categories you should think about:

  • hobbies to get you moving

  • hobbies to broaden your mind

  • hobbies to relieve your stress

  • hobbies to make you think

  • hobbies to get your creative juices flowing

Obviously you won't do a hobby in each of these categories. I mean you could, and if you do then you really need to share your secret to having enough time to do it all. I would love to! But focus on choosing just one category for now. Whatever you choose make sure you are choosing it for you and enjoying it! If not then there is no point in keeping up with it! 

So here is my next question- Do you have a hobby in mind?

Some people know exactly what their hobby is and that is fantastic! If you're like me though,it could take you a while to figure it out! That's okay though because  I have a great workbook to help you get started! In it, you will reconnect to your interests, and I provide a list of awesome hobbies for you to try! It's in the  Subscriber- Only Party Favors. Sign up for the newsletter and get complete access to it!

 Once you know what your hobby is, I would love to hear about it! Please let me know in the comment section below!

Peace, love and creativity!

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