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8 Gifts The Self Help Junkie Would Love To Recieve This Year

8 Gifts The Self Help Junkie Would Love To Recieve This Year

2018 has been the year where I have been challenged the most and at the same time I have grown the most. Except for maybe 2014- that year damn near killed me.

If you are going through life without growing then are you truly living? Maybe, but probably not. Expanding yourself and testing yourself can really make your life that much greater. So if you know someone in your life that is going through their own personal growth year then now is the time to pick out some awesome kick ass gifts!

Self Help Guide Ideas
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Personal Development Gift Ideas

Tickets to a Personal Development Seminar

This past year I was lucky enough to have the chance to go see Tony Robbins in person. He wasn’t the only one at that event There was many others including the awesome Jen Sincero! Which by the way I will be writing soon about the 1 chapter in the You Are A Badass book you have to read!

Anyways, I spent 8 hours at this seminar and I learned so much. Being terrified to go at first, I almost backed out. Now I can’t wait to find another one to go to!

Look into local events and you can find so much! Maybe it’s a book signing, maybe it’s a seminar. Either way your person will get a ton out of the experience!

Self Help books are all the rage!

Anyone looking to gain clarity on their life and wanting to move forward will probably have a mini library already started, but at the same time they are just dying to get their hands on more. My own personal library has grown by leaps and bounds the past couple of years.

Take a quick peek into their library and see what they are missing. Some of my favourites are:

You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero

The Happiness Project by Gretchin Rubin

The Inner Beauty Bible by Laurey Simmons

If you are not sure which book to get them, then a gift card to Chapters or even to buy some ebooks will go a long way!

Planners are Fabulous

A self help junkie (like me) would probably be also addicted to goals and to do lists (Hi I’m Amanda and I am a goals addict). Planners are a fabulous idea for them! But buyer beware! Planners are sacred to us and we are very picky about the ones we work with it. Don’t let that deter you from buying one. It just means you have to put a little thought into it.

Does your person like to keep long to do lists, and leaves them everywhere? Then a bullet journal might be the way to go. What is a bullet journal you might ask? *she gasps* Then check this out. It will give you all the information you need to know. If you want something a little more brightly coloured then go here.

Does your person prefer to have everything laid out for them already? Then maybe one of these will help them out:

Panda Planner

Life Planner

Passion Planner

Cute Office Supplies are Key!

It doesn’t necessarily have to look like you just got it out of the children’s section at Walmart, but something a little more exciting than just plain old ball point pens will show you care! So take a look at see what you can buy to brighten up their desk, purse or backpack. Remember cute is in and boring is out!

Washi tape is huge and you can get a huge tube of it for a decent price. Different coloured pens are always fun. Stickers, pencil holders, and cute signs with great inspirational sayings can be found even at places like the dollar store!

A little Self Care Kit

Bonus points if you create this yourself because it will show you went a little above and beyond! Self care is so important, but sometimes for us go getters we have a tendency to stop and the slow the hell down. We know we should and we know how important it is, but famous last words are “I can do that after I do…”

So a little unwind and chill basket will go a long way. Your possibilities are endless!

  • A fiction book by their favourite author

  • A movie with popcorn

  • A bottle of wine or hot chocolate

  • Bubble bath supplies

  • Calming music

If you want more ideas on how to create a self care box for Christmas then check out my post here!

Journals are quick and easy

Want an easy gift that they are sure to love? Do they love to write on a constant basis? Then a journal might be the perfect gift. Again make sure it looks cute! If you are going to get a journal make sure the quality of the paper is good so that pens don’t soak through, the cover on the front suits their personality and that it has lots of pages to write on. This person is going to get a lot of use out of this book!

Meditation Cds

Meditation is a popular activity, especially for those who are trying to make themselves better. It teaches us to slow down (or at least tries to) and helps us to focus. A meditation cd or guided meditations can help us achieve our meditation goals. You can find them at any metaphysical shop or even some music stores!

If cds are not their thing, purchase an app for them, or give them a gift card to the ITunes store. There are tons of ways for people to get their meditation on!

Last but not least

A VISA gift card

I can’t believe I am suggesting a gift card. It bothers me to my very core, because I normally think that this is the easy way out of getting a gift. But in a self junkie eyes the possibilities are endless! They can put that money towards so many courses that they have had their eye on. They can update their library with a wide range of books. They will look at this gift card as enabling their self help junkie habits! So consider yourself a winner here!

Well I hope this list helps you out this holiday season! Let me know what other suggestions you might have!

Peace, love and creativity

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