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7 New Year Resolutions to Help With Personal Growth

7 New Year Resolutions to Help With Personal Growth

Are you tired of setting the same damn new year’s resolutions without seeing any results? Maybe it’s because you dump them like a boring bf within the first 2 months, because you just don’t have time for them anymore? Yeah me too.

That’s why I am creating goals that I know I won’t give up on. So that means no buying gym memberships that I won’t use, and no financial goals that are way too lofty for my measly paycheck. Not that those aren’t important, but they are not going to be my main goals for 2019. It’s time to make a change!

Here are 7 resolutions or goals to help you and me do some soul searching this year!

New Years Resolutions for Personal Growth!
New Years Resolutions for Personal Growth
New Years Resolutions

Take yourself out on a date monthly.

How do you feel about going out in public on your own? Some places are fine such as the mall and the library, but have you ever gone to dinner by yourself? I used to go to dinner by myself all the time. Sadly I don’t do it as much anymore.

Being out there in front of everyone can be a little daunting, but seriously no one really cares. Most people are too involved in what they are doing to really care about who is sitting at your table. If you are feeling a little too exposed or vulnerable then bring your phone, a book or even some work to do.

If going out to lunch or dinner by yourself is just too damn big of a challenge, then start small and go to a movie instead. Sit in the back corner. People will think you are waiting for someone and then it’s all dark so no one will see you.

Try something new

It doesn’t have to be elaborate or anything. Maybe a new food, new activity or even a new look. Sometimes we get into such a solid routine that we don’t realize that it has gone from routine to rut. The easiest way to get out of a rut? Trying something new!

Want to just dip your toe and see what you’re comfortable doing? Then try a new lipstick, a new hairstyle or even a new style of clothing. You can learn a lot about yourself by just stepping even a little bit out of your comfort zone.

Feeling a little braver? Try a new activity or make a new friend! This one is definitely on my to do list for 2019. I have lived in my new home for over a year now, but because I work in another town I have yet to make a single friend. This upcoming year I am determined to make 5! Wish me luck!

Take a hard look at your relationships

This one I have been doing all of 2018. I am sure you could too! When it comes to your relationships are you giving it your all? Are they? Maybe you need to let some friendships go while strengthening others. There is nothing wrong with that. You should hold onto relationships where people are going to respect you and want to keep you in their lives instead of walking all over you and you should want to do the same for them. Treat your people well!

Screw Journaling, Take Pictures Instead

A lot people write that they want to journal more, and some achieve that goal. Those who do, share your secret! I am not one of those people. But I have noticed that I have not been taking pictures like I used to. So in order to preserve some memories I want to take more pictures.

Don’t hide behind your camera 24/7 but definitely bring it out more and step in front of it more as well! You’ll regret it years done the road.

Let go of the past

Easier said then done I know, I know, but once you can it will make your world so much better. Being wronged by those who are closest to us can cut like a knife. But you are doing yourself no good by constantly analyzing the situation over and over again. It stresses you out, makes you miserable and just leaves a horrible taste in your mouth.

Spend the next year working hard to let it all go. It’s not an easy process. You will slip up over and over again, but really it is for the best. When you catch yourself worrying about it again and again then switch up the activity you are working on. Mindless work may not always be the best thing for you, since it allows your mind to wander. If that doesn’t work then write a letter and then burn it. As you watch the letter burn notice how much more relaxed your body is afterwards!

Use your Planner for more than just appts and work

Bullet Journaling has blown up and taken over the world in the last few years. It’s no surprise as to why. A planner that isn’t cookie cutter and allows you the freedom to plan your life the way you want it? Sign. Me. Up! It’s a perfect way to keep track of all the awesome things you need to remember.

It also doesn’t have to be all black and white. My bullet journal is as boring as it comes (in a bright coloured notebook of course), but it is functional and I get so much out of it! Some people create a complete work of art. The point is that is yours and yours alone. Want some inspiration than check out Pinterest, Boho Berry’s website or Wonderlass’ Youtube channel. Take the inspiration and run with it!

Also make sure to schedule in fun events and times! Your life doesn’t need to always be about work and obligations.

Make Just 1 Bold Choice

2014 was the year I quit my decade long job, 2015 I began to date my best friend, and 2017 we moved 1.5hrs away from our friends and family. It may not have always been on my mind to make a bold decision each year, but I can’t say I haven’t appreciated each decision and made my life a heck of a lot better.

Next year I want to be more mindful of my big bold choice. So I plan on deciding on one before 2019 even begins. Just need to figure out what it will be.

By making a big bold decision (even just one) we can move our lives forward by leaps and bounds. Our big bold choice can be made by doing baby steps, but the point is to keep taking them so that by the end of the year we know that we a huge exciting change in our lives. Yes it will be terrifying, but omg will it ever be exciting!

Personal growth is all about making steps. Some steps can be small and some will be huge! What will some of your goals be for the new year?

Want more resolutions? Then check out my spiritual resolutions!

Peace, love and creativity

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