Quirky Spiritual Misfit Book Review: The Happiness Project

Ever have those once in a life time books that just get ya right in the feels? You know those ones that make you just want to reread over and over again? Maybe they’re fiction and the hero/heroine just connects to you on such an emotional level that by the end of the book you are crying because you don’t want it to be over.

The Happiness Project
The Happiness Project
The Happiness Project

Maybe it is a self help book that just knocks you off your feet, makes you think about life again and then picks you right back up and makes you so pumped up and ready to go! Welcome to the Happiness Project.

Now this is not a spiritual book, but I did tell you that I would include some personal development books on my list. Since I just recently went through the book again, I thought now was a perfect time to just jump right in and go for it!

So let me back up and tell you what made me fall in love with this book the first time.

Vulnerability at it’s finest

I have struggled with depression since I was a teen. For the most part I have got this shit under control, and I function quite well. I have a self care box that I keep in the house in case of panic attacks, I sage the house, I communicate and I surround myself with passion projects and people that generally make me very happy.

I also keep away from energy vampires. There is a difference between being negative and being depressed. I refuse to be around those who choose be negative for the sake of being negative. For those dealing with depression I feel your pain. I see you struggling.

What my depression was called by a counsellor (trust me I have seen plenty of therapists and counsellors) is situational depression). So I struggle with situations that are out of my control. Not little things like plans changing even those are annoying AF, but I am talking about BIG life situations like moving into a house away from our family, but spending most of my time away from the house because I still work 1.5 hours away. So I essentially live in two homes. I hit a major depression at that time. That’s when I first discovered this gem of a book.

I just read it again because in September there was a stove fire and I burnt my hand and have been off of work since then. I am also still struggling with headaches and potential diagnoses. So my life at the moment is one big cluster f**k and I still work 1.5hrs away from home. Lol

So I brought this bad boy out again. And again it set my soul on fire!

The Concept

Gretchen Rubin goes through 12 months and creates intentional changes within her regular life to create more happiness. She doesn’t do it with grand gestures or anything. Nope it’s just changes that she can make within her lifestyle that she knows will affect her and how happy she is at home. No flying to Fiji or skydiving, but rather reading more children’s literature (which I can get behind), nagging her husband, singing in the morning and lots of other little things that take little to no money and yet we forget to even think about it.

Why is it so appealing?

We get lost in the hustle and bustle. I know I do. I am a go go go girl that needs to get shit done now!!! I know that when I turn the music on and have a dance party I feel 100% better afterwards every time, but I don’t make that conscious effort. Do you?

The whole book makes everything feel more doable. Why make a yearly goal when it can be broken down into just 12 months? Why not put effort into just a couple of tasks each month and zone right in?

My favourite part is her analysis of how other people around her react through out the entire year. I will not spoil for you, but the opinions are great and it’s fun to how everyone reacts by the end of it.

So should you get it?

If you are thinking that it is just to overwhelming to make some changes in your life to make yourself feel better than I definitely suggest picking this little bad boy up. Take it one category at a time. Make just one adjustment at a time. Go at your own speed. You won’t regret it, but honestly it is not a competition with anyone else. It’s all you!

My favourite part about this book (even though it’s a little ironic considering my situation), is that you do not need this big life altering change a loss of job, divorce, marriage, death of a loved one, birth, moving etc to take part in a challenge like this. Just stepping back and recognizing that you can do better is a great first step. All you need to do is go for one first step!

So how I am I going to tie this into spirituality?

Well, come on like you really need to ask. But since I already put the question out there I have decided that what I am going to do it is I am going to create my own “spiritual happiness project”. Oh I am excited, and I can’t wait to share it with you. But for right now that is all you are getting from me. But trust me when I say that when I am ready to share this on the world, you are going to want in!

Peace, love and creativity


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