Part Witch Part Catholic Complete Mutt

Oh hello fine reader. Ever have one of those really impressive productive days? Ones that really knocks your socks off? Welcome to my day today. It is a GOOD day. Why? Because I don’t have a headache today. If you don’t know, for about 4-6 months of the year headaches and I are practically joined at the hip. Or head I guess you would say.

So I haven’t been on the computer as much as I would like. I haven’t been doing much of anything to be honest. I spend most days in bed if I am not working. It drives me up the wall. So today I am taking advantage of the sun and +9 degrees outside. In Canada that’s huge!

But I haven’t been just sitting on my butt all this time. Nope. I have been doing as much reading as my eyes will allow at a time. I have been spending time practicing different spiritual activities. And I have been going through some awesome spiritual growth.

What do I mean? I finally discovered where my spirituality truly lies. And of course in my silly odd ball fashion, I don’t belong to just one specific path. Nope that would be too easy. Nope I am a Mutt. Let me explain.

Catholic Witch
Catholic Witch
Catholic Witch

Raised Catholic

I have never hidden the fact that I was raised a Catholic. I wear that badge with pride. It’s a great foundation FOR ME. Before you start thinking that I am here to convert, I am certainly not. You have your path and I have mine.

Not being raised in a strict religious household allowed me to take the time to really take an interest in it. I am stubborn and like to make my own decisions. So when I decided that it was cool going to Christian camp, and taking part in Catholic school activities, I was okay with it.

I was also okay with learning about other religious paths. Ok more than okay with it. I was fascinated by it. I was also fascinated with learning about mythology.

I don’t believe my path is the RIGHT path. I don’t believe someone else’s path is the RIGHT one. But I do believe that there are bits and pieces out there that do form the right one. Since none of us know what that is, I might as well have a little faith and be a good person.

Believing in the metaphysical

5 years ago started an obsession with crystals. Which became the gateway drug to chakras, meditation and most recently all things magical.

I fell in love with crystals when I became sort of desperate about my ridiculously stupid ovarian cyst problem. I am going on 14 years here. So when modern medicine was just not working anymore I needed to find other alternatives.

This seemed better than smoking a joint every day. Maybe more expensive, but definitely better than smoking a joint. But to each his own.

Then something magical happened

I start to figure out that the Law of Attraction really worked. That candle magic really worked. That moon magic really worked. There is something out there bigger than us, helping us to achieve greatness. Magick can be real. It was freaking fantastic to find this out.

So I started working with candles specifically. I started taking an interest in spiritual holidays (Sabbats), that weren’t exactly my own. I started spending more time hanging out with the moon than with people who were bringing me down.

But as fantastic as all this was, I felt guilty as hell. How can I be a Catholic and believe in all this stuff? How do I keep them separate? Then it became clear. I don’t need to keep the two separate. I can do both.

Becoming a Mutt

Now before you give me the big whole speech about God doesn’t allow you to practice witchcraft, I have already heard it. I have also heard that you can’t be both. I heard so many things and I find it interesting that more non-Catholics are willing to throw the book at you then Catholics are.

People have a lot of anger towards Catholics. I get some of it. A lot of it is from what our ancestors have done. I get cultures have a painful history. But how can we change the future if people don’t give us a chance.

I normally believe that Labels suck. But I am coming around to the fact that it’s not labels that suck. It’s the labels that people give that suck. They suck a lot.

I like my label. I like being an eclectic Catholic (or Christian) witch. It makes sense that the Quirky Spiritual Misfit would find her home in a mixture of spiritual paths.

What’s the point of this story?

People are not always going to agree with your decisions. Unfortunately we still have a long way to go in this world to make people feel accepted. If you have a label that you are proud of, then now is the time to wear.

People are born with a mixture of different nationalities. We grow up in different cultures, and enjoy the cultures of others. We choose to be male or female, neither or both. We are all mutts in our own rights. The world is changing, and it’s about time our views change with it.

Peace, love and creativity


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