My Current Obsessions (as of January 2019)

Oh obsessions. We all got em, we just may not want to admit some of them. Anyone else just obsessively binged watched shows like Gossip Girl recently? Or put on Harry Potter every chance they get? Just me? Just ducky.

Sometimes obsessions are our guilty pleasures. The thing we do to unwind at the end of the day. Sometimes our obsessions lead to great personal and spiritual growth. Here are some of my current obsessions this month!

Well considering the fact that I am still riding the high from New Years I am still focused on achieving goals. So some of my current obsessions are from that. I figured I might as well go with it!

Bullet Journal is one of my obsessions
Tiger's eye as an obsession
the 5 minute journal current obsession

The 5 minute Journal

This bad boy was given to me for Christmas from my uncle. Since I am all about the notebooks and the journals, it is nice to find one that is so simple and literally takes no more than 5 mins to complete. Plus having some prompts to help me focus on this in the morning is an added bonus. Who really wants to think first thing in the morning? Not me!

I thought by now I would’ve given up on this process, but nope! I am still looking forward to this every morning and every night and sometimes I find I have more things to say then they give me room for.

Tiger’s Eye

It’s funny, when you write about something you find you go back and hold on to it some more. That’s kind of been the case with my tiger’s eye. One of the first crystals I ever bought, I seem to keep coming back to it every now and again. I guess because it is a stone meant for motivation and achieving goals, it would make sense that I am drawn to it right now. So for right now I am keeping a little tiger’s eye pig in my purse.


I asked for a total of 13 books for Christmas. I received 9 of them, which is a lot, but not too many to make it overwhelming. The books I am obsessed with this month? Eat that Frog (I am sensing a theme here) and How to Write Copy That Sells. I have always been a sucker for new books and I am pretty sure I will be doing a lot more reading this year.

Bullet Journal

This has been an ongoing obsession of mine for the last few years. And I don’t see that ending any time soon. So you might see this pop up a lot. My goal this year is to use more of it for spiritual practices and personal growth. If you have any suggestions, then feel free to let me know!

Some things I can’t wait to track? Sabbats, Esbats and astrological events! What else do you think I should track?


Okay so I am usually hit or miss when it comes to using essential oils and incense. As much as I love them, I am just not consistent. Winter time for me though usually means sinus headaches from October to April. Yep that is my life. Doesn’t that sound lovely?

So right now (and I am sure until almost summer time) I will be using the Peppermint Halo from Saje. It helps give me relief from my headaches for about an hour or 2 and that relief is worth more than gold to me. Dramatic I know, but seriously this stuff works like a dream.


I will be the first to say, we own a lot of stuff. It’s stuff that we want and are useful, but sometimes it take a long time to get used. As much fun as it is buying stuff, I will admit I LOVE decluttering. Usually by New Year’s Day I have the entire place decluttered and set up for the new year. That was not the case for me this year, but I did start decluttering on New Year’s Day and it felt so nice to have a little bit more space to play with. So it’s a process I am continuing with this month.

Also I did a digital declutter and that was the most satisfaction I have had with technology in a LONG time. I went from 593 pages liked on FB to just 50! It was fantastic. How many pages do you like on Facebook?

Some past obsessions I am putting away (for now)


Okay I am all about the craft life. But if I going to be real here, I don’t have time to do it all. As scary as it is to say it out loud, I have decided that I need to put away my toys for now and bring them out when I am ready to play again.

Late, late nights

I am no stranger to seeing 2 and 3 am on the alarm clock (okay phone, don’t judge me!), and I am also no stranger to seeing 5am and 6am. I enjoy seeing both, but hate feeling like absolute garbage. So it’s time to make a change. Sacrifices must be made, it was either the 2-3am bed time or the 5-6am wake up. Apparently the late nights lost. Ugghh.

But it’s not like I probably will never see a 2-3am again. I am sure we will mingle from time to time. It’s the story of my life.


I will be real here. I am not a big Netflix binge watcher to begin with. I would like to say I hardly watch any tv, but that’s not true. I watch at least 6 shows with the bf and then 6 with my mom. But on my own? I have one show. When it comes to Netflix though, last year I spent A LOT of time rewatching and finishing television series that I needed to get caught up on.

That did nothing to help with my productivity, so this year it’s all about less Netflix. The more time I can work on my own stuff, the more time I can then take off to hang out with loved ones.

So what are some of your current obsessions? I would love to know!