Moon Mail

Want to know what’s brand spanking new?! Heck ya you do! I just added a FREE Moon Resource Library with awesome resources that I am adding to over the next few months. This way you have everything at your finger tips to have an awesome 1 on 1 night with the moon. But you got to sign up in order to receive it!

Ok straight up, let’s be real for a sec.

This sounds like you doesn’t it?

5 (12).png
7 (5).png
8 (6).png

Why do you put yourself through this?

Why do you not treat yourself and her with a little bit more respect? Before you tell me all the reasons rattling around in your head, let me see if I can guess them?

Let Me Count The Reasons

  • I can never remember. I can hardly nurture my plants, think I can remember a date in my calendar?

  • I feel guilty about blowing her off last month, so it was just easier to “forget” this month.

  • Well if I missed our date for the New Moon, I can’t make it for the Full Moon. That doesn’t seem right.

  • I don’t have the energy to put into yet another relationship at this time.

  • I am just too damn busy.

  • I am just too damn tired.

Am I right or am I right?

What if I told you, that your excuses were valid, but…

They don’t have to exist any more. What if I gave you something that:

Moon Mail

You probably wouldn’t believe me. You definitely wouldn’t believe it was for free. But some of the best dates cost little-to-no money. And I want to help you nurture one of the best relationships you will ever have.

Wait? Amanda why is the moon so important?

I am so glad you asked!

A personal and intimate relationship with the moon allows you to feed off her energy. Her magic helps to make you a better person. A stronger person. A wiser person. She helps you to grow. That is what you want isn’t it?

You and I both know that it is.

That’s why each phase of the moon focuses on a different technique to make your life better. But it is not just one sided. Nope, you got to do a little work too. There are 8 different phases in the Moon cycle. But I want you to focus on two of them. The New Moon and the Full Moon.

Moon Mail

Think of the night of the New Moon as the first date where you just talk too much and share WAY too much.

Your night should go so well that the following happens:

Moon Mail

The Night of the Full Moon makes you realize that Luna is Marriage Material

Moon Mail

So how are you suppose to be the attentive partner that the moon expects you to be? That’s where I come in! Think of me as your wing man or you know wing woman. I am going to set you up each month, so that you can bring you A game. How? Well with this beautiful little piece I like to call Moon Mail!

What is Moon Mail?

Moon Mail is your monthly emails reminding you of your important date and how you should do to get ready so that you can wine and dine your way through your night. Oh ya!

  • For each New Moon and Full Moon you will receive 3 emails. Starting two days before and the day of.

  • Think of each email as the equivalent of getting ready for your big date.

  • You need to plan, prepare and then get dolled up for your big date.

  • And I will be right there every step of the way.

But Why 6? What is so important about 6?

Here is what each piece of mail gets you!

New Moon

Day 1: That month’s dating profile, so that you can sync your energy with hers.

Day 2: A list of specific tools to help you set up your date with Luna

Day 3: A reminder, and a list of activities dedicated to that month’s moon.

Full Moon

Day 1: A deeper look at that month’s specific full moon

Day 2: A list of date appropriate gifts for you and the full moon.

Day 3: A list of activities so that you crazy kids can have some fun.

Ok so you’re probably thinking… “Okay I get it. I need this relationship, but Amanda what are you really going to teach me each month?”

Don’t worry I got you.

Here is what you will learn each month

Moon Mail

So what’s stopping you from taking the plunge in this relationship? What do you really have to lose? Nothing? Fabulous! See you in there then!