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It’s about damn time that you realized that being the odd ball is not a bad thing. Being a misfit can be the best thing that ever happened to you.

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Creativity Sparkles was created for the women struggling to be their awesome selves, wanting to create their own eclectic spiritual path. The women whose sparkle has dulled because she listened to everyone else and now doesn’t believe she can belong to a specific path or create her own. So if you secretly want to wear bright clothing while meditating in a field under the moonlight because you want to be bold in your life choices and feel confident enough to say F**k You! to the rest of the world, then this site is for you!

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Oh hey it’s me! I’m Amanda and I’m the Eclectic Misfit with the big Spiritual beliefs!

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I stand for the spiritual misfits of the world. The ones who know that there is no one “right” path. They are eager to learn from all different paths. I show them how to create a path that works for them.

I stand for the women who have the confidence buried deep within themselves to come out of the spiritual closet despite what their close family and friends might say. i show them how to own their awesomeness.

I stand for the badass who is finally ready to do things her way and to create her own rules. It’s about time you join me.

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