Fabulous Email Challenges!

Looking to dive into your self discovery a little more? Check out these email challenges! They're fabulous and free!


what's your passion email challenge.png

Are you doing the same damn thing day in and day out? Missing the fun you used to have? Well if you are out of shows to watch on Netflix, then it is time to reconnect to activities that you are passionate about! If that sounds like you, then enter in the 5 Day What's Your Passion Email Challenge! Within 5 days you will go from "OMG I have watched everything on Netflix, now what do I do?" to "OMG I can't wait to go home and work on my passion project!". Finding out what you're passionate about is easier said than done. Join the What's Your Passion Email Challenge and find out what makes your heart sing, and creativity soar!

You will want to join this challenge if:

  • You're bored of doing the same routine every day
  • You can't remember what hobbies you enjoy
  • You want to find something to call your own again
  • You know you need to do a little introspection
  • You want something to look forward to every day!