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 Someone walks into your store, visits your site, or joins your Facebook group and automatically they leave the outside world for a short period of time. They are transported to a magical place where time stands still and they can soak up the energy of the atmosphere (and the crystals), are surrounded by mystical goodness and suddenly they are home.

Can you say the same about your email marketing?

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Welcome to the email marketing section of Creativity Sparkles. I am an Email Marketing Strategist strictly for Spiritual Brick and Mortar Businesses, Spiritual Bloggers and Spiritual Online Businesses who are ready to rock their email marketing. When you have someone who knows your industry well, it will help to make your email marketing soar! Let’s make magic happen!

A common misconception through out many spiritual businesses is to just send monthly emails that give a discount and an epic list of what is going on in the business, in hopes to attract people into the store or site so that people’s transformations can begin there.

No, no, no. Their spiritual transformation start in the emails. Give them the actionable steps to make in their every day lives. That way they can make steps that feel good for them. That is what’s going to make them come back for more.

Not ready to make that time commit because you have umpteen other freaking things to do? I get it! So let’s chat! Let’s see how I can help create the magic here, so that you can focus on creating the magic for people in person. You got this!

Choose a doorway and follow down the rabbit hole. You will not be disappointed!

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